What happened to Joe Burrow? New Season Opener Against Cleveland Browns

Since the football community is eager to see how Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals respond to this unexpected challenge, they will be closely monitored throughout the coming weeks.

There is one certainty: The story of Joe Burrow and the Bengals is far from over, and the next few chapters look like they will be full of both defeats and victories.

Whether this first game of the season serves as a wake-up call or merely a footnote in their journey remains to be seen. Let’s get into the specifics of this sudden move and how it will affect the Bengals’ season.

Burrow’s Struggles in the Opener:

The game got off to a rough beginning for Burrow and the Bengals’ offense.

Burrow, who had been sidelined with a knee injury all through the preseason, confronted huge difficulties during the game. He only managed to pass for 37 yards in the first half, making it one of the worst performances of his career.

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow / Source: Instagram

Toward the finish of the game, he had finished only 14 of 31 passes for a sum of 82 yards, without any scores.

It was a long way from the assumptions that go with the most generously compensated player in the association.

The Impact on the Cincinnati Offense:

Burrow’s battles had a gradually expanding influence all through the Bengals’ offense.

Ja’Marr Chase, a star wide receiver who had a great rookie season, was targeted nine times but only got five catches for 39 yards.

Another promising receiver, Tee Higgins, was targeted eight times but did not receive a single pass.

Even running back Joe Mixon, who had a respectable performance with 13 carries and 56 yards, was unable to give the offense the impetus it required.

What happened to Joe Burrow?

Bengals head coach Zac Taylor took the risky step of benching Burrow and starting backup Jake Browning for the game’s final two drives with just four minutes remaining in a contest that was already losing steam.

What happened to Joe Burrow
What happened to Joe Burrow?

This move left fans and analysts stunned, as it’s not every day you see a franchise quarterback being benched in the closing minutes of a game.

Burrow’s Response:

Despite the disappointing performance, Burrow remained composed in his post-game comments. He emphasized that one week does not define an entire season and expressed confidence in his team’s ability to bounce back.

This optimism reflects Burrow’s resilience, but it’s evident that the loss was a tough pill to swallow, especially after signing a historic contract just days earlier.

A Troubling Trend:

This misfortune pursues an unsettling direction for both Burrow and the Bengals. In the last four season openers, the group has overseen only one win, with Burrow as the beginning quarterback in every one of those games.

The Bengals hoped for a better start after signing their franchise quarterback to a record contract, despite the fact that season openers do not always determine the outcome of the entire season.

Assessing Burrow’s Performance:

Burrow’s statistics for the game paint a grim picture. Completing just 14 of 31 pass attempts for 82 yards and no touchdowns, he posted a career-low quarterback rating of 52.2.

His struggles extended to his connection with wide receivers, as even star receiver Ja’Marr Chase couldn’t make a significant impact.

Reasons for the Bench:

The decision to bench Burrow, albeit in the closing minutes of a game already out of reach, raises questions. Given Burrow’s preseason calf injury, it’s possible that the move was more out of caution than punishment.

With the Browns’ defense repeatedly pressuring Burrow, protecting the multi-millionaire QB became a top priority for the coaching staff.

Burrow’s Record Against the Browns:

Burrow has had a subpar record against the Browns. With this most recent misfortune, he currently remains at 1-5 against Cleveland, having never gotten a triumph against them in their home arena. He broke the streak with a victory last season, but his overall record against the Browns raises questions.

The choice to seat Joe Burrow in the season opener against the Cleveland Browns is an amazing turn in what was expected to be a victorious beginning to the season.

Burrow’s performance, as the NFL’s highest-paid player, will undoubtedly be scrutinized in the coming weeks.

With their legendary quarterback leading the way, the Bengals will attempt to regroup and regain their footing for the upcoming season.

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