What Happened To Jim Sciutto? The Story Behind Jim Sciutto’s Temporary Departure from CNN’s ‘Newsroom’

Jim Sciutto, CNN’s lead national security correspondent and co-anchor of ‘Newsroom,’ has been noticeably absent from the broadcast for the past two days.

The reasons behind his absence have boiled up the surface cracking through the steaming foam of rumours.

What has caused this unexpected pause in his screen presence? Could it possibly have anything to do with his time spent reporting in Ukraine and how soon can we expect him back? Let’s go into the specifics.

What happened to Jim Sciutto? Jim Sciutto’s Leave of Absence

CNN has verified that Jim Sciutto is on leave from the ‘Newsroom.’ While it is not uncommon for news anchors to take time off for a variety of reasons, the circumstances behind his absence have caught our interest.

The speculation surrounding Jim Sciutto’s departure follows claims by The DailyMail.com and The Daily Beast that earlier this year, CNN launched an internal probe into Sciutto.

What Happened To Jim Sciutto
What Happened To Jim Sciutto?

An incident in which Sciutto had a serious fall while abroad prompted this research.

The Recuperation

The event occurred when Jim Sciutto was returning from a reporting assignment in Ukraine. Despite the severity of the fall, Sciutto has since recovered.

The network, however, requested that he address a “personal situation.”

CNN has chosen to remain silent on the subject of the exact nature of the “personal situation” Sciutto was requested to resolve.

As a result, the incident’s questions remain unsolved and so does the question of his return to the network.

A Newsroom Collaborative Effort

Since 2017, Jim Sciutto has co-anchored ‘Newsroom’ with Poppy Harlow. With Harlow’s departure from the newscast earlier this month, CNN’s morning show roster is changing.

Don Lemon and Kaitlan Collins are expected to take over, alongside Erica Hill, who anchored ‘Newsroom’ in Sciutto and Harlow’s absence on a recent Thursday.

Coverage of Ukraine by Sciutto

Jim Sciutto’s absence from ‘Newsroom’ follows many big travels he conducted this year to cover the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

He has been brought in as CNN’s main national security reporter. The network’s viewers were given considerable insights into the battle thanks to him.

Jim Sciutto’s career is woven together with a complex tapestry of experiences. He joined CNN in 2013 and quickly established himself as a reliable correspondent.

Prior to joining CNN, he was a senior foreign correspondent for ABC News, where he covered worldwide stories that helped influence the world’s perception of crucial events.

His impressive career also included serving as chief of staff to Gary Locke, the United States ambassador to China, with Sciutto located in Beijing.

‘The Madman Theory: Trump Takes on the World’ author

Sciutto is also an accomplished novelist, with his most recent book titled ‘The Madman Theory: Trump Takes on the World.’

His in-depth analysis and reporting skills have helped him advance from overseas correspondent to notable national security correspondent and anchor.

Jim Sciutto’s disappearance from ‘Newsroom’ remains a mystery, leaving many things unexplained.

While he is likely to return to the show following his personal leave, the nature of the internal probe and the incident that prompted it are yet unknown.

More facts may emerge as the days pass, providing a clearer picture of this intriguing chapter in the life of a renowned news anchor.

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