What Happened To Jesse Goins? The Discovery of Dave Turin’s Lost Mine

When Discovery began showing a television series that followed a group of miners as they ventured into dangerous regions in search of gold that had been locked away for ages, the network struck gold.

The single objective of “Gold Rush” is to follow multiple crews as they attempt to strike it rich, something that many of the miners have previously done.

It’s only natural for personalities to clash when you’re out in the middle of nowhere, but these miners are family after all, and success depends on their cooperation.

The Story Of Dave Turin

With such captivating individuals often in the spotlight, a number of the original cast members have gone on to feature in their television shows.

What Happened To Jesse Goins
Jesse Goins

Dave Turin, for example, is the hero of the spinoff “Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine.” Turin and his team search for long-abandoned mines that might still be productive in the reality series.

Many more miners came to the public’s attention as a result of the series, such as Jesse Goins, who was employed as a gold room operator for the duration of the programme, examining and cleaning the gold as it was extracted.

What happened to Jesse Goins?

Jesse Goins passed away while Dave Turin’s Lost Mine Season 3 Discovery was being filmed.

The news of Jesse Goins’s passing on August 18, 2020, at the age of 60, was originally broken by TMZ.

The article claims that he was discovered unconscious on the ground outside the Colorado gold room, where Season 3 of the show was being filmed, by a member of the team.

Although Goins was given CPR by the film crew’s easily available on-site medic until an ambulance could come, he was declared dead at the hospital. It’s likely that he had a heart attack and passed out. He’s survived by his spouse and a sibling.

Social media was inundated with fan support after Goins passed away, with his co-stars and loved ones sharing tributes to the life he lived.

Dave Turin posted his sympathies to Goins’ family on Facebook and shared his anguish over the loss of a person he held in high regard.

In his letter, he stated, “I love and respect Jesse.” After his heart attack, I was the first to locate him and put a lot of effort into bringing him back to our world. God had different ideas, and I shall meet him in heaven one day.”

In Season 3, the team honours Goins while the mining continues. In an article honouring the late gold miner, Discovery gathered a large number of the condolences expressed online which came out on August 20, 2020.

Nathan Clark, another employee of Goins’, posted an incredibly moving comment on Instagram: “I’m really at a loss for words right now.

We lost the man with whom I had faith for the future of both my child and myself. The most compassionate person you could have ever met was Jesse Goins.

I considered him a brother and friend. Because he usually gets the gold so clean, I called him my little leprechaun. I will always love you, Jesse.”

During the filming of Season 3 of “Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine,” the crew must have been completely shocked by the unexpected loss, but it’s clear from everything that Jesse Goins affected a lot of lives.

It’s difficult to say exactly how this loss has affected the mining operation at the show’s core, but the search for gold in the abandoned mine is still ongoing and, given the popularity of the programme, is probably going to continue for a few more seasons. Without Goins up top wiping away the gold, it just won’t feel quite the same.

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