What happened to Jersey John’s leg? Does he have a fake leg?

If you’ve been watching American Pickers since the beginning, then you have a special place in your heart for not only Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz but also for all of the characters they have introduced.

This includes motorcycle antiques expert Jersey Jon or Jon Szalay. He appeared in a Season 7 episode of the long-running History Channel series but has popped up at other times throughout the show.

Jersey Jon, like many of the people Mike and Frank meet, is an expert in his field, and his expertise stems not from studying antiques in college but from honing in on a childhood passion and making a living from it.

Who is Jersey Jon from ‘American Pickers’?

What happened to Jersey John's leg
Jersey Jon joins the full-time cast of American Pickers.

In addition to being the unofficial America’s Sweetheart of American Pickers, Jersey Jon is an all-around antique expert who specializes in motorcycles and motorbikes from the early 1900s.

And for him, it all began when he was a child growing up in, you guessed it, Jersey.

Jersey Jon made money as a teenager by restoring people’s old furniture, and by the age of 17, he had bought an old bank and converted it into a workshop.

Jersey is a restorer rather than a collector. In an interview with the Antique Motorcycle Foundation, he revealed that he knew Mike Wolfe before American Pickers even existed.

“He’s a great friend,” Jersey Jon said. “He sleeps on my couch while working on the East Coast. And when I go out west for the Davenport meet, he and I will go picking up and down the Mississippi River.”

What happened to Jersey John’s leg?

Jersey John

There is no information available suggesting that Jersey Jon has experienced any leg-related injuries or incidents.

Throughout his appearances on American Pickers and in various interviews, there has been no mention of any leg problems.

Jersey Jon is known for his knowledge of antique motorcycles and motorbikes from the early 1900s, and he has been a popular character on the show since his first appearance in 2012.

He has continued to pursue his passion for motorcycles and has even become a permanent cast member of American Pickers in December 2023.

He continues to be an active and integral part of American Pickers, lending his knowledge and expertise to the show’s exploration of antique treasures across the country.

What does Jersey John do for a living?

Jersey John is an expert in early American motorcycles, and he enjoys restoring and conserving furniture and antiques.

He is a long-time picking buddy of Mike Wolfe and has been a fan favorite since his debut on American Pickers.”

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