What happened to Jelena Dokic? Jelena Dokic reveals the “sad” news that her role as an Australian Open commentator is under question.

After being sick before the Australian Open, Australian pundit Jelena Dokic will not be able to make it to the Adelaide International and will instead be returning home.

Dokic, an Australian who formerly ranked fourth in the world, has become a fixture on Channel 9 at the Australian Open in recent years.

The well-liked analyst has already made appearances at the Brisbane International and the United Cup this year, and she was employed at Adelaide International.

Dokic, 40, was supposed to attend a book signing on Saturday for her latest book, “Fearless,” but she had to leave quickly to return home to Melbourne after being sick while making comments at the most recent event.

What happened to Jelena Dokic?

Jelena Dokic left her book-signing mid-event. Dokic announced on social media that she was going to postpone her book signing to recuperate in time for the first major tournament of the year.

“Sorry Adelaide !!!
I have come down with a viral infection and I am out of commentating the Adelaide International this week but also I apologize to all my supporters in Adelaide because we had a book signing on Saturday, 13.01, and I know many of you were signed up for this and were really looking forward to it, just like me.
I am deeply sorry, as I have to get home to Melbourne ASAP.
I will be back in Adelaide after January and we will reschedule this book signing. I promise.
I promise I will be back.”

Dokic acknowledged that she was “sad” to be withdrawing from the competition, but she wasn’t well enough to provide an analysis.

She previously posted, “I am so sad and disappointed, as I love Adelaide and this amazing tournament but I have no choice.” “Off to Melbourne now and hopefully I will be OK soon.”

Dokic might miss part or all of the Australian Open because it begins on January 14 as she heals. For tennis fans, that would be a devastating blow, but Dokic expressed her hope that she would be prepared for the event to begin.

What happened to Jelena Dokic
Jelena Dokic rushes home after coming down with an undisclosed illness

How did fans react to Jelena’s announcement?

Many expressed hope that they would be able to hear Dokic’s insightful commentary during the home grand slam as they went on social media to wish her a speedy recovery.

One fan wrote, “Jelena, take care of yourself.” “Take care and I hope you are feeling well,” said another.

What is Dokic’s book ‘Fearless’ all about?

Dokic describes in her new book, “Fearless,” how she overcame an eating condition in the past and was able to get assistance.

The book describes Dokic’s journey from pain and heartbreak to becoming a well-known commentator and inspirational speaker.

Dokic said last year that she had battled an eating condition since she was a little child and that her long-term relationship had ended.

Dokic disclosed that she came dangerously close to suicide in 2022 and showed bravery by confronting online trolls after being singled out by body-shamers.

The adored tennis analyst has received a lot of attention for her bravery in discussing her horrific history and well-established struggles with depression and mental health, which she discussed in depth in her book “Unbreakable.”

Dokic acknowledged that she was still “working hard on” her eating disorder, calling it a “complex” problem, but she claims that getting therapy from a professional eventually “saved my life.”

She acknowledged that the new book had given her a different outlook on her struggles.

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