What happened to Jared from Subway?

In the annals of sensational falls from grace, few stories rival the meteoric rise and horrendous fall of Jared Fogle, the once-familiar face of Subway’s weight-loss achievement.

A symbol of hope and transformation, he traveled from an average Joe to an icon of health and wellness. But what happened to Jared from Subway?

Go along with us as we dig into a spellbinding story of popularity, ignominy, and a fall from grace that left the world in shock and doubt.

Who is Jared Fogle from Subway?

Jared Scott Fogle, welcomed to the world on August 23, 1977, rose to notoriety as Subway restaurant’s notorious spokesperson.

His association with Subway’s advertising campaigns spanned from 2000 to 2015, a period marred by an FBI investigation that eventually brought about his conviction for child sex tourism and possession of child pornography.

During his time as a student at Indiana University, Fogle embraced a surprising transformation, shedding a shocking 245 pounds (111 kg) somewhere between 1998 and 1999.

His success story, notably attributed to a Subway-based diet, grabbed the organization’s eye, and he was in this way enrolled to promote their brands.

Fogle’s celebrity status soared, with his presence in over 300 advertisements through his 15-year tenure with Subway, complemented by different media appearances.

What happened to Jared from Subway?

In 2015, during the zenith of his fame and recognition, Jared Fogle’s home in Zionsville, Indiana, was subject to a police raid that revealed disturbing proof: a PC and thumb drive containing explicit pictures of children.

What happened to Jared from Subway
What happened to Jared from Subway?

Fogle, then 45, ultimately pleaded guilty to one count of receiving child pornography and one count of traveling to engage in sexual activities with a minor. 

He likewise compensated 14 different victims with a sum of $1.4 million, some of whom were essentially as young as 13 or 14 when targeted by Fogle.

Now, Investigation Discovery presents a three-hour docuseries named “Jared From Subway: Catching a Monster.”

Even though Fogle, a dad of two, doesn’t take part in the series, it features interviews with arresting officials, his previous colleagues, and Rochelle Herman, a former radio show host turned whistleblower, who played an essential part in Fogle’s arrest and capture. 

Herman previously encountered Fogle as a guest on her Florida radio show, where he made inappropriate comments about minors.

In “Jared From Subway,” Herman ponders her main goal to assemble sufficient proof to bring justice, including recording incriminating phone calls and becoming an FBI informant.

Is Fogle still in Prison?

Jared Fogle is currently serving his prison sentence, with an obligatory minimum of 13 years before parole consideration, as revealed by NBC.

As a part of his plea agreement, he is required to register as a sex offender upon the time of release, and his digital activities will be subject to ongoing monitoring by the authorities. 

Moreover, Fogle is also required to pay $175,000 as compensation. His earliest potential release date from jail is not until March 24, 2029.

This guarantees that he will remain imprisoned for a significant duration, given the nature of his convictions connected with child pornography and sexual offenses including minors.

Jared Fogle’s Letter of Regret from the Prison

Jared Fogle, the once-noticeable Subway spokesperson, now confined as a sex offender, conveys profound regret for the extensive harm he’s wrought, especially to his professional standing.

From within his prison confines, he took solace in a statement from the film “The Shawshank Redemption” in a personal letter. 

This hand-written letter dated November 7, 2021, reveals Fogle’s poignant self-reflection. In it, the dad of two candidly acknowledges his grave misinterpretations, perceiving his previous activities as rooted in selfishness and entitlement.

Fogle’s letter offers a rare glimpse into his introspection as he wrestles with the outcomes of his activities.

What happened to Jared from Subway?
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