What happened to Jack in This is Us? Creator’s take on New Episodes

Among the heartfelt stories and emotional journeys of the Pearson family on NBC’s “This Is Us,” the looming question of a potential Season 7 spinoff or sequel movie has kept fans on edge.

As the series’ six-season run ended in 2022, creator Dan Fogelman hinted at the possibility of continuing the Pearson saga.

“This Is Us” concluded its storytelling brilliance in 2022, leaving fans with a bittersweet mix of closure and yearning for more.

Fundamentally, it is a family drama centered on the Pearson family, which consists of patriarch Jack (Ventimiglia), matriarch Rebecca (Moore), and their three children: Kevin (Hartley), Kate (Metz), and Randall (Brown), affectionately known as “the Big Three.”

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What happened to Jack in This is Us?

The firefighters and EMTs on the scene noticed Jack’s burns and warned him that he would require medical attention for his smoke inhalation, so he sat with a gas mask while Kate and Randall decided where to spend the night.

Later in the episode, Rebecca and Jack sat in the hospital while the doctor examined his throat and lungs again.

Jack was light-hearted, laughing with his wife about not getting batteries for the smoke detectors and telling her that she was “all [he’d] ever needed.”

However, shortly after she left him to book the family hotel rooms and buy candy from the vending machine, Jack went into cardiac arrest due to smoke-induced stress on his heart and lungs.

Jack Pearson's injuries were caused by a house fire.
Jack Pearson’s injuries were caused by a house fire.

What started the fire that killed Jack Pearson?

Season 2, Episode 13 (“That Will Be The Day”) featured the Pearsons’ neighbors giving them a crockpot while Rebecca was still pregnant.

The neighbor warned that the switch was a little faulty, but that it had produced plenty of delicious family meals for them.

At the end of the episode, that same crock pot began to spark and catch fire in its surroundings. A montage of the family’s fondest memories in the house was intercut with the fire slowly spreading through the kitchen and up the stairs, leaving viewers guessing what would happen next.

How many seasons of This is Us are available on Netflix?

Historically, new seasons have always become available on Netflix CA exactly one year after their initial airing.

As a result, seasons 1-5 of This Is Us are now available on Netflix Canada, with season 6 set to premiere in January 2023.

Jack and Rebecca’s love story was one of the highlights of “This Is Us.”

This Is Us was one of the most heartfelt and heartbreaking series on television, and Jack and Rebecca Pearson’s epic love story certainly had its ups and downs throughout the show’s timeline.

The Dan Fogelman-created NBC drama series debuted in 2016 and was an instant success. Critics and viewers praised the show’s rich storytelling, pathos, complex characters, and relatable relationship dynamics.

Despite obstacles, including Jack’s insecurity about his lack of wealth, their love for each other won out, and they married and had three children.

Tragically, Jack died in a house fire in 1998, but their love story continued after death when they reunited in the afterlife.

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