What happened to Iyanla Vanzant Daughter? Is she alive?

Does Iyanla Vanzant look familiar to you? On September 13, 1953, Rhonda Eva Harris gave birth to Iyanla Vanzant, a New Thought spiritual teacher, author, life coach, and lawyer.

Her appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, books, and talk shows of the same name are her main sources of notoriety. She hosted Iyanla: Repair My Life on OWN from 2012 until 2021.

In 2007, Yemi, Vanzant’s spouse, got divorced. Vanzant revealed that Nisa, her youngest daughter, died on July 30, 2023.

We will talk about what transpired with the inspirational speaker’s daughter in this article.

The daughter of Iyanla Vanzant, Nisa, is declared deceased

Iyanla Vanzant, a life coach, revealed that her youngest daughter, Nisa, passed away. “It is with great sorrow that we announce the transition of Nisa Vanzant, the youngest daughter of our beloved Iyanla Vanzant,” a note posted on Vanzant’s Instagram account said.

What happened to Iyanla Vanzant Daughter
Iyanla Vanzant

Please remember us in your prayers. Please be considerate of her and her family’s privacy at this time. Thank you.”

Vanzant has experienced child loss in the past. On Christmas Day 2003, her thirty-two-year-old daughter, Gemmia, passed away from colon cancer.

In a 2022 interview with MSNBC, Vanzant discussed overcoming personal tragedies.

It is important to acknowledge that any life transition, be it a job loss, divorce, or health crisis, will initially cause shock and terror. We try our best most of the time to move on.    

Definitely not! It will be one step at a time, she promised, after spending several hours or even a few days.

Sometimes you will make mistakes, trip and fall, and have a hard time getting back up.

Vanzant said, “I made it through that, and I will make it through this.”

Who was Nisa? Is she married?

Nisa Vanzant, formerly known as Bransuga Nisa, was a singer and songwriter. Three songs were posted to Soundcloud: “Love Me,” “I am Ready,” and “The Way You Make Me Feel.” Nisa additionally gave live performances at references and events.

He kept his fans updated on his music and personal life on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

On social media, Nisa Vanzant often refers to her husband Kevin as “the king.” After more than 20 years together, they welcomed a son, Kevon, and a daughter, Kiyah.

Nisa has been loving and thanking her family on social media for being so close. He discusses his spiritual journey and faith in God with his followers.

She described herself on Facebook as a “woman of God, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, and singer/songwriter.”

Information Regarding Iyanla Vanzant’s Daughter’s Cause of Death

Iyanla used her Instagram account to personally announce Nisa Vanzant’s passing. She posted a moving message in which she disclosed the passing of her beloved daughter and expressed her deep sorrow.

On July 30, 2023, Nisa Vanzant passed away after a long fight with cancer. Nisa’s daughter’s mother had concealed the kind and stage of her cancer.

She died on July 30, 2023, at the age of 49, according to the reports. The public will not know Nisa’s cause of death or if she passed away at home or in a hospital until more details are made available.

Many individuals who knew and admired Nisa’s mother expressed their sadness upon learning of her death.

Iyanla Vanzant’s family received condolences and sympathy from many celebrities and supporters on social media. Nisa’s death also reminded us of the horrible way Gemmia died.

Nisa’s legacy is one of love, courage, and action. Her children meant the world to her, and she was a devoted mother to them. She also had a lot of fun saying that Damon and Gemmia were loving sisters.

She was a loving aunt who set an example for her nieces and nephews. Furthermore, Nisa was a generous friend to many, well-liked for his sense of humor and kindness.

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