What Happened To Inquisitor? Inquisitor’s TikTok Live Show Took A Fatal Turn

The recent TikTok Live by The Inquisitor Ghost generated a ton of hype and attracted the interest of numerous social media outlets.

Audiences have many questions and want solutions after reading the content. Remain tuned with us to find solutions to every one of your inquiries.

The Inquisitor Ghost Cosplayer

The impressive Call of Duty cosplayer The Inquisitor Ghost recently surprised his fans with a TikTok Live.

In a terrible turn of events, he captured what appeared to be an actual suicide, shocking the online community.

Many people are struggling with the bleak and uncomfortable nature of the content as a result of this incredibly frightening incident, which has generated controversy and fanned suspicions about the video’s veracity.

What Happened To Inquisitor?

On October 9, the Inquisitor came live on TikTok Live, and the incident recorded gave rise to the issue of the Inquisitor’s suicide.

What Happened To Inquisitor
What Happened To Inquisitor?

The live stream, as noted by Dexerto, exhibited a pitch-black, empty room with comments turned off, prohibiting spectators from commenting.

When someone attempted to shatter a window, the ominous scene took a disturbing turn, and the audience was left in the dark.

A tragic and puzzling series of events then occurred when there was a panic and what appeared to be CPR was carried out.

During Inquisitor Ghost’s TikTok Live, chaos unfolded as CPR was administered just out of the camera’s view and an intruder made a phone call.

A woman in the video pleaded in Italian for help, stating “he was hanged here” and questioning the whereabouts of the ambulance.

Later, official confirmation of the content producer’s passing emerged. A TikTok account, potentially belonging to Inquisitor Ghost’s father, honored him and accused others of fabricating the story.

Subsequently, Inquisitor’s TikTok account became inaccessible to his followers.

Inquisitor Ghost accused of minor grooming

Inquisitor Ghost is blamed for sending an underage young lady direct messages by TikTok user @aekeegs in the beginning of October.

Online proof additionally included screenshots that were made available. Some of them contained the words “I love you” and “I need to wed you” from Ghost. Then again, there was no internet resource for something similar.

Inquisitor went live on TikTok late on Monday, October 9, with a very alarming viewpoint as concerns were roiling across his community and fans addressed the allegations.

How have people reacted?

The video portraying The Inquisitor Ghost’s apparent suicide has left a lasting impact on its viewers.

It evoked a wide spectrum of emotions, from anger and disapproval directed at the content creator to a few who genuinely expressed concern for his mental well-being.

This distressing incident has also served as a platform for some to raise awareness, especially among younger audiences, about the potential negative consequences of engaging in such intense gaming experiences on one’s mental health.

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