What happened to Gypsy Rose’s dad? The Impact on Rod Blanchard’s Relationship with Gypsy Rose

The complex and tragic story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard unfolds amidst a backdrop of deception and shocking events. It revolves around a web of lies and manipulation, deeply affecting the lives of those involved.

The gripping tale sheds light on the challenges faced by a young woman, Gypsy, whose life becomes entangled in a series of perplexing circumstances, altering her reality in unexpected ways.

Who is Rod Blanchard?

Rod Blanchard is the natural dad of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, who was a very important part of an autobiography about trickery, abuse, and shocking killings.

His friendship with Gypsy’s mother, named Dee Dee Blanchard, started when he was 17 years old. She was 24 at the time.

Their meeting resulted in marriage when Dee Dee got pregnant with Gypsy, but their togetherness didn’t last for long. Rod soon knew he didn’t love Dee Dee. Their marriage broke up quickly after Gypsy was born.

During Gypsy’s growth, Rod had many problems in his life because Dee Dee was tricky and lied a lot. Dee Dee often told lies about Gypsy’s health problems and age, which became clear to Rod as Gypsy got older.

He saw problems in Dee Dee’s stories, like times when he was told not to tell Gypsy’s real age if trying to call her. Even with these problems, Rod stayed true to his daughter and he wanted to start a relationship with Gypsy when she was old enough for him.

After breaking up with Dee Dee, Rod got married again to Kristy. They had a new family and raised two kids together.

Kristy told scary things said by Dee Dee, showing a very bad way of thinking about what would happen to Gypsy if she had died.

Despite the problems caused by Dee Dee, Rod always helps Gypsy with money and gifts. He sent them regularly, too.

He kept in touch with Gypsy now and then, even though Dee Dee’s control stopped their talks. After Gypsy was locked up for helping her mom get killed, Rod kept talking to her.

They sent messages and made calls back and forth. He was excited about her going to school and wanted to grow their love when Gypsy came out of jail.

What happened to Gypsy Rose’s dad
Rod Blanchard is a victim of Dee Dee’s deceptions

What happened to Gipsy Rose’s dad?

Even though Dee Dee’s tricks made things hard, Rod stayed strong in helping Gypsy. He kept sending money and presents while trying to keep in touch, even though Dee Dee was getting in the way. During Gypsy’s time in jail, Rod kept talking.

They sent emails and made calls back and forth. He was very happy when she reached her education goals and dreamed about being close to her once she got out of jail later on.

Rod Blanchard’s life started mixing with Dee Dee Blanchard’s when he was only 17 and she was already 24. Their marriage happened because Dee Dee was pregnant with Gypsy.

It didn’t last long. But Rod quickly found out that their relationship didn’t have real love. After Gypsy was born, the couple ended their relationship and got a divorce soon after.

Rod was greatly affected by Dee Dee’s tricky actions. He started seeing strange actions, like Dee Hiding Gypsy’s real age and making up health problems.

These differences made Rod worried, leaving him confused about why Dee Dee was doing it.

Rod said Dee Dee was a “bad mother” because of her way of taking care. He wanted to be friends with Gypsy as she grew up, but Dee always kept clear control over things and wouldn’t let Rod see Gypsy much.

After getting a divorce from Dee Dee, Rod married again and started a new family with his second spouse, Kristy.

Dee Dee made some creepy comments, saying that she wanted Gypsy to die if something happened to her. These facts were revealed later on.

Rod Blanchard’s life changed a lot because Dee Dee lied and it meant trouble for Gypsy. Even though things were hard, he stayed a strong person in Gypsy’s life.

He tried really hard to help and keep their bond going, even with the problems caused by Dee Dee.

How did Dee Dee’s actions affect Rod Blanchard?

Dee Dee Blanchard’s actions had a profound effect on Rod Blanchard, Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s father. Her deceitful behavior, particularly lying about Gypsy’s age and falsely claiming various health conditions, significantly impacted Rod emotionally and psychologically.

He observed inconsistencies in Dee Dee’s actions, which led to confusion and frustration as he struggled to comprehend the reality behind her behavior.

Dee Dee’s manipulation and fabrication of Gypsy’s medical history and age not only affected Rod’s understanding of his daughter’s true condition but also created a sense of distrust and bewilderment regarding Dee Dee’s motives.

These ongoing deceptions likely caused emotional turmoil for Rod, affecting his relationship with Gypsy and influencing his perceptions of Dee Dee’s intentions and character.

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