What happened to Gully Bop? Unveiling the mystery

Gully Bop, the alluring and viral vibe of the dancehall and reggae music scene, enamored the world with his ‘poverty to newfound wealth story.

Ascending to notoriety in 2014, his transient climb from the roads to the studios procured him an exceptional spot in the hearts of many.

Nonetheless, the narrative of Gully Bop is one of both victory and misfortune, as he confronts the highs of fame as well as the lows of difficulty, disease, and lawful issues.

In this article, we will investigate the captivating excursion of Gully Bop, from his initial forward leap to his sad conditions.

Gully Bop, a little history

Gully Bop is a recording craftsman of reggae and dancehall music who turned into a viral sensation after a video of him freestyling. His genuine name was Robert Lee Malcolm.

His debut EP, Rags to Riches, was released. One well-known reggae singer is Gully Bop. Gully was born in Jamaica on May 30, 1964. One of the most well-known and in-demand celebrities, Gully gained popularity as a reggae singer.

2014 saw the recording and social media uploading of some apparently spontaneous performances by Gully Bop, which turned him into a viral dancehall sensation.

Starting around 2023, Gully Bop was 59 years of age. One of the valuable celebrities recorded on the Reggae Artists list, not a lot, had some significant awareness of Gully’s instructive foundation and youth.

What happened to Gully Bop?

Gully Bop died on Monday, October 30th, 2023. Dancehall performer Gully Bop, who was charismatic and well-known, passed away earlier today at the Kingson Public Hospital, where he had been receiving treatment for some time.

Kidney issues were the reason for his treatment. 2014 saw Gully Bop become well-known thanks to his infectious song “Body Specialist.”

What happened to Gully Bop
Gully Bop

In a “rags to riches” tale that enthralled Jamaica, a video of him deejaying the song on the streets went viral on social media, opening doors for him to enter the studios.

At the height of his brief career, he was the closing act on Sting in December 2014, thanks to his quick ascent to fame. Bop was allegedly made homeless again near the end of his life.

An appeal was made back in August by social media philanthropist Donna Gowe, more popularly known as Aunty Donna, for people to assist the entertainer, who had fallen on hard times and had been extremely ill.

Before passing away on Monday, the 59-year-old entertainer reportedly spent some time in the Kingston Public Hospital. Popular songs like Wuk Affa Mi, My God, and Dem Nuh Bad Like Me were later released by him.

He played at Sting during his breakthrough year and was highlighted on TVJ’s Entertainment Report and Onstage TV. He had previously attempted a career in music.

He performed under the stage name “Country Man” in the early 1990s, but he was not successful in breaking into the business.

Gully Bop made headlines earlier this year, following years out of the public eye due to rumors that he was unwell and in need of medicine.

He was reportedly hospitalized in 2021 due to excruciating pain from a hernia. The performer needed food and medication on a daily basis, even after the surgery.

Is Gully Bop married?

After less than a year of marriage, Gully Bop and his wife, Deborrah Nicholson, have filed for divorce.

The controversial dancehall artist filed the documents last week following his recent arrest in St. Thomas. Nicholson had the ‘Wuk Affi Mi’ deejay arrested and charged after he allegedly assaulted her during an argument.

According to Nicholson’s police reports, Bop hit her in the face during a dispute that caused swelling and pain at a residence in Nuts River District, St. Thomas.

Gully Bop has an appointment to appear in St. Thomas Parish Court on June 27 after receiving $40,000 in bail. Gully Bop was well-known for his friendships with Shauna Chin and A’mari, two other performers.

He was charged with robbery and domestic abuse in 2016 while residing in the United States as a consequence of an incident involving A’mari, who was also his manager at the time.

He was also detained and accused of assault causing bodily harm in 2018 after an altercation with a woman.

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