What happened to Gretchen Wilson? Everything You Wish to Know About this Popular Female Artist

In current country music, numerous female artists make waves with exceptional musical styles. Each of them has something new to bring to the musical genre.

While there are stars like Gretchen Wilson who have made leaps and bounds when it comes to country music.

In March 2004, Gretchen Frances Wilson made her debut with the Grammy Award-winning single “Redneck Woman,” which went to number one on the Billboard country charts.

Overall, Wilson has charted 13 singles on the Billboard country charts, of which five have reached the top ten.

Learn more about her below.

What happened to Gretchen Wilson?

After achieving fame, her small-town girl life abruptly transformed into a high-octane lifestyle that the country singer later admitted she was not prepared for.

Gretchen Wilson told The Boot that she had spent her entire life waiting for her big moment. But as much as she thought that she was prepared for it, the truth was that she wasn’t.

And for the next twelve years, she spent her life on the road, with nonstop tours and no time to be alone. She also shared that there was one trip in which they crossed the ‘International Date Line’ three times in just one-and-a-half weeks.

Where is country singer Gretchen Wilson today?
Where is country singer Gretchen Wilson today?

Wilson felt she was exhausted not only vocally but also physically, and that she needed time to herself. At the same time, she realized that the time allowed her not only to think, recuperate, and rediscover her creativity but also to catch up with her daughter.

She missed a lot of things in her daughter’s life as a single mother who was always on tour.

So, for about two to three years, she lived her life and allowed herself to recover from her exhaustion.

In 2024, where is Gretchen Wilson?

Gretchen Wilson is currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. After a brief hiatus from the music industry, she returned in 2017 with a new album titled “Ready to Get Rowdy.” In this album, she focused on her songwriting and collaborated with renowned songwriters.

Her comeback, however, was hampered in 2018 when she was involved in an altercation with another passenger on a flight from Washington, D.C., to Connecticut. This incident led to her being taken into police custody and charged with breach of peace, with a bond set at $1,000.

Gretchen Wilson is deeply involved in charitable work in addition to her music career. She is a spokesperson for Country Bands Together, a campaign dedicated to obesity education and support.

Additionally, Wilson also advocates for adult education and has even testified before Congress to highlight its importance.

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