What happened to George Oldfield?

George Oldfield was a well-known member of the British law enforcement community. He was a committed member of the West Riding Police, managing high-profile cases and specialising in criminal investigations.

Personal tragedies and major health issues characterised Oldfield’s life and work, which makes his dedication to justice all the more amazing.

David Morrissey’s portrayal of him in the ITV drama “The Long Shadow” perfectly encapsulates his unshakable commitment in the face of hardship.

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Who was George Oldfield?

Godfrey Alexander Oldfield, better known as George Oldfield, is recognised as a prominent figure in British law enforcement, chiefly for his pivotal contribution to the late 1970s Yorkshire Ripper inquiry.

He worked as a devoted and hardworking police officer for the West Riding Police, specialising in the Department of Criminal Investigations.

He was born in October 1923, enlisted in the police in 1947, and advanced through the ranks gradually.

Oldfield married Margaret Curtis in 1954, marking the start of a new chapter in his personal life. They were blessed with four children together, but tragedy struck when one of the kids passed away from leukaemia at an early age.

Undoubtedly, this very emotional event made a lasting impression on Oldfield and his family.

George Oldfield was well-known in the police before he became involved in the Yorkshire Ripper case. Notably, he oversaw the inquiry into the February 1974 IRA bombing that left twelve people dead.

Judith Ward, who admitted to the bombing, was found guilty in the case and sentenced to 30 years in jail.

New information, however, surfaced following Oldfield’s 1992 passing, raising questions about her conviction and ultimately leading to her release from jail.

What happened to George Oldfield?

George Oldfield passed away from congestive heart failure in Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield on July 4, 1985.

George Oldfield had a major chest illness in August 1979, when he was actively directing the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper.

He was compelled to leave the case due to this sickness, which was a terrible decision for a man who loved what he did. Oldfield had a heart attack while he was off work, which made his health issues worse.

His well-being had suffered significantly as a result of the investigation’s stress and emotional toll.

George Oldfield was never heard from again about the Yorkshire Ripper case, despite his best efforts and commitment.

Without Oldfield’s direct help, the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, was apprehended in 1981.

What happened to George Oldfield
George Oldfield

George Oldfield’s health continued to deteriorate after these medical setbacks. Another major setback for him came in 1983 when he had a second heart attack.

Eventually, it was revealed that he would resign in August 1983, therefore bringing an end to his law enforcement career.

Who played George Oldfield in “The Long Shadow”?

David Morrissey is an accomplished actor who plays George Oldfield in the ITV drama “The Long Shadow.”

This compelling series delves into the terrifying real-life tale of the Yorkshire Ripper inquiry, illuminating the unflinching commitment of investigators such as George Oldfield in their ceaseless search for justice.

A key component of the programme is David Morrissey’s depiction of George Oldfield, which perfectly captures the spirit of a committed law enforcement officer up against overwhelming odds.

The role played by Oldfield effectively captures the tensions and intricacies of the high-stakes investigation into the Yorkshire Ripper, resulting in an engrossing and dramatic story that holds the attention of viewers.

The show offers a close-knit and compelling look at Oldfield’s involvement in the inquiry, highlighting the toll it took on his well-being.

The audience is given insight into the unwavering dedication of law enforcement personnel to the pursuit of justice, despite tremendous difficulty, via David Morrissey’s portrayal.

In addition to paying tribute to George Oldfield’s legacy, “The Long Shadow” emphasises the sacrifices made by individuals who commit their careers to cracking the case of the most horrific crimes and giving victims and their families closure.

Morrissey’s portrayal gives the character more nuance and realism, which elevates the drama to a powerful depiction of a difficult period in British law enforcement history.

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