What happened to Garrison from Sister Wives? A look into his life

In the complicated embroidery of reality TV, there are people whose lives become entwined with the accounts woven into the screens of millions of watchers.

One such figure was Robert Garisson Brown, referred to lovingly as Garrison, who entered the public eye as an individual from the polygamist family highlighted on TLCs “Sister Wives.”

Naturally introduced to a family with various moms and a pack of kin, Garrison’s journey unfurled on screen, set apart by the two snapshots of familial closeness and the battles inborn in exploring such a special family.

How about we look further into the existence of Garrison from “Sister Wives,” investigating his delights, and his battles?

Who is Garrison from Sister Wives?

The son of Kody and Janelle Brown was Robert Garrison Brown, also referred to as Garrison. He was Janelle’s fourth kid and Kody’s ninth.

Logan, Aspyn, Leon, Madison Brush, Mykelti Padron, Hunter, Paedon, Gabriel, Gwendlyn Queiroz, Ysabel, Savanah, Truely, Solomon, and Ariella Brown were the siblings he was related to.

Garrison from Sister Wives
On the journey of Garrison from sister wives.

On April 10, 1998, Robert Garrison Brown was born. In total, Garrison’s father has four wives. Up until the age of fourteen, Garrison’s family resided in Lehi, Utah; after that, they relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2016, he received his diploma from Centennial High School.

What happened to Garrison from Sister Wives?

Garrison Brown from Sister Wives has passed away. Lieutenant Charles M. Hernandez II of the Flagstaff Police Department confirmed the reason for death as suicide.

Janelle verified this on a story on Instagram too.

In the TLC series that followed the polygamist family’s daily lives, Garrison made his debut in 2010 alongside his mother Janelle, and his father Kody’s other wives, Meri, Christine, and Robyn Brown.

Who is Garrison from Sister Wives

Madison, Logan, Garrison, Gabriel, Hunter, and Savanah are the couple’s six children, born after Janelle’s spiritual marriage to Kody in 1993. Janelle said that in December 2022, she and Kody had separated.

She was the second matriarch of the Brown family to go after Christine declared her separation from Kody.

Robyn was the last wife left of the Brown patriarch after Meri and Kody announced their separation shortly after Janelle’s declaration.

The connection between Kody and his children has deteriorated over time; in particular, they were “at odds” with him after voicing their “discontent” with the way he had managed the COVID-19 epidemic.

Later, in an interview, Janelle voiced her worries about her kids’ tense connection with their father. Kody also talked about the gap that has developed between him and his boys in an episode from May 2023.

Did Garrison date someone?

When Garrison committed suicide at the age of 25, it appears that he was single. He had other housemates at the time and resided in a Flagstaff, Arizona, home.

In 2019, Garrison and Kylie started dating about the same time he launched Bob’s Floral, his Hawaiian T-shirt company.

In June of that year, he publicly announced their relationship on Instagram by posting a picture of the two of them at Disneyland while he was wearing one of his flowery shirt designs.

At the time, Garrison was 20 years old. Janelle Brown, his mother, expressed admiration for her son’s partner.

She shared a picture of Garrison and Kylie in which she was wearing an orange flowery dress and Garrison was wearing a military suit. After their breakup, Garrison later removed every picture of Kylie from his Instagram profile.

The couple’s breakup date is unknown; however, Janelle’s website still has their photo. In pictures posted on social media during the COVID-19 lockdowns, Garrison was seen embarking on many dates with a brunette woman.

He even took his mother, Janelle, along on a double dinner date with his brother, Gabe Brown. Garrison seemed to care about the woman; however, it’s unknown how long they remained together and no identity was given.

He was seen submerging her and cradling her in his arms in an Instagram Stories picture.

After Garrison passed away tragically, Addison, his roommate, said to the authorities that the Sister Wives star was “not a very happy person” and was “having problems with his ex-girlfriend.”

The specific ex-girlfriend with whom Garrison was at odds was not mentioned by Addison.

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