What Happened To Gail Lewis? 10-year-old Illinois Walmart Employee’s Parting Note Goes Viral

Gail Lewis, a ten-year employee at the Walmart in Morris, Illinois, was filled with emotion as she said goodbye to her coworkers. “This is Gail Lewis, a ten-year associate from Morris, Illinois, 844, signing out.

Attention, Walmart.” Lewis stated as she closed her work for the very last time, “Good night.” The short farewell is followed by Lewis sitting inside her car as she describes how much her job and coworkers meant to her in the video, which has been viewed more than 20 million times since it was posted to TikTok on November 16.

What happened to Gail Lewis?

Gail Lewis, a former Illinois Walmart employee posted her farewell video on Tiktok on November 16. She described leaving Walmart as a “happy sad.”

The Walmart worker was sorry to leave her coworkers, who she claimed had grown to be like family over the years, even if she was happy to have found a position elsewhere.

What Happened To Gail Lewis
Gail Lewis

Her words, “I’ve been through a lot with them,”they kept an eye on my back. I observed theirs. They were of assistance to me.

I was of assistance to them.” touched the hearts of many. The outpouring of love and gratitude came straight from the heart and left a dense impression on the viewers.

Where is Lewis headed next?

Lewis closed her chapter on Walmart employment but seemed excited about what was ahead. “..Where I’m going, I’m going to better off where I’m at,” she stated. “That’s all.”

The conviction in her voice for her future position and her appreciation for the opportunities of the past that made her who she is today resounded clearly in her message that left many with tear-stained temples. The former Walmart employee hasn’t said where she plans to go next as of now.

What was the impact of Lewis’ message on the TikTok audience?

Thousands of people reshared the video and left comments on TikTok in response to Lewis’ departure, thanking her for her service and congratulating her on her new position.

Other Morris locals, who live roughly 70 miles southwest of Chicago, were likewise drawn to the sign-off and expressed their gratitude on a local Facebook page.

“You, Gail, were among the superior ones! I hope your new journey is successful.” A comment was made by one poster.

Another responded, “Good luck in your future, Gail.” Working with you and being able to call you a friend was a delight. I adore you so much.”

The store manager at the Morris location, Carrie Moses, made the following statements via Walmart corporate:

“I am appreciative of Gail’s work in the Morris, Illinois shop, and I will miss her terribly. I hope she has the greatest possible luck with her upcoming endeavours.”


Gail Lewis’ video is a grim reminder of how things break and build, yet life goes on. Our hearts might want to hold onto the memories of the past and never grow distant from those few familiar faces who are the very definition of our comfort zone, and yet, irrespective of how we feel, we take our baggage and walk out the door to untangle another treasure trove of opportunities.

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