What happened to Fotis Dulos? What was Michelle Troconis accused of?

An ex-parenting supervisor testified on Thursday that the late Connecticut mother Jennifer Dulos and her estranged husband, who is suspected of murdering her, were “amicable” with each other two days before her disappearance.

On May 22, 2019, sources state that the observation was made by the then-parenting supervisor, who was at Jennifer’s house watching Fotis Dulos as he paid visits to the couple’s five children.

On May 24, 2019, Jennifer vanished, and Fotis was subsequently accused of killing her. Although he committed suicide in 2020 before going to trial, his girlfriend Michelle Troconis is charged with aiding in the cover-up.

This is the outcome for Fotis Dulos.

What happened to Fotis Dulos?

Two days after attempted suicide at home, Fotis Dulos, the Connecticut real estate developer accused of murder in the death of his estranged wife, passed away in a New York City hospital, according to his lawyer.

Due to his wife Jennifer Dulos’s May disappearance—her corpse has never been found—Dulos, 52, was detained and charged last month with capital murder, and kidnapping.

What happened to Fotis Dulos
A Connecticut man named Fotis Dulos is accused of murdering his wife.

In response to the news on Thursday night, a representative for the family of Jennifer Dulos requested privacy. In a statement, her family described the situation as “a horrific tragedy all around.”

When she vanished in May 2019, the Duloses, who had five children together, were engaged in a tumultuous and protracted divorce and child custody dispute.

The lawyer for Fotis Dulos, Norm Pattis, informed media

That said, we would want to express our gratitude to everyone for their interest. Tuesday, after learning that he was scheduled for an urgent court appearance to resolve an issue involving the $6 million bond he had paid, Dulos attempted suicide at his Farmington, California, home where he was under house arrest.

Fotis Dulos
Fotis Dulos

He was transported by air from a hospital in Connecticut to one in New York, where he was treated in a hyperbaric chamber using oxygen treatment. According to Pattis, his health was “dire”.

Fotis Dulos meticulously planned his suicide

An extensive plan was made for Fotis Dulos, the Connecticut luxury house developer who was charged with killing his wife, to commit suicide, according to a police report that The Hartford Courant could obtain.

On Jan. 28, Dulos stuffed the openings in his garage door with Styrofoam and used duct tape to fasten a vacuum hose to the tailpipe of his SUV, according to the 19-page Farmington police report, detailing the suicide of the prime suspect in the murder of his estranged wife Jennifer Farber Dulos.

The mother of five from New Canaan vanished on Sunday, one year ago. The couple had been enmeshed in a lengthy and bitter divorce.

Before heading to his car for the last time, Dulos, who had been formally accused of killing his wife weeks earlier, spoke to three people — his lawyer, a bail bondsman and his new girlfriend, Anna Curry, the report says.

Dulos was scheduled to appear that day in a Stamford court where he faced the prospect of returning to prison if his $6 million bond was revoked.

Police were called to his house after he did not show up for the hearing, and they discovered him slumped in the front seat of his Chevrolet Suburban.

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