What happened to Foolio?

Julio Foolio Gives Health Update After Getting Shot In Jacksonville, Florida, Over Weekend.

Sources indicate Foolio, aka Charles Jones, was shot the previous night. According to sources, his black Dodge Challenger had several bullet holes, and he was ferried to a nearby hospital with serious injuries.

The rapper is supposedly not helping investigators about the shooting. Yet there is now a grim image of what seems to be Julio Foolio’s foot with blood oozing out of the middle arch appearing online.

Julio’s family initially addressed the shooting on his Instagram Story, writing: Pray for my son ‘Foolio’, he got shot last night in that crazy city he hates.

Who is Julia Foolio?

Julia Foolio was born on June 21, 1998, in Jacksonville, Florida. At present, Charles Jones is 24 years old.

Julio Foolio (Charles Jones’ professional name) is an upcoming American superstar and an outstanding rapper. It would seem, as far as his songs are concerned, that he has gained an enormous fan following because of their raw nature, which involved murder scenes near his house.

What happened to Foolio?

Florida rapper Foolio allegedly shot overnight in Jacksonville – Friday night, October 6. Additionally, most individuals saw a story on his Instagram page for the first time after he had uploaded something from his parent’s account.

What happened to Foolio
What happened to Foolio?

Saturday, October 7th, the message said, “Pray for my son Foolio. I’m still here.” Sadly, that wouldn’t be the first encounter with violence for the rapper who shot him dead last night in his hating city.

WTLV-TV Jacksonville also received confirmation from different law enforcement sources that this happened.

The reports state that the suspects, it is thought, shot Foolio (Charles Jones) in the foot yesterday. However, it appears no one knows how serious that is now.

The incident occurred at around the 3100 block of 18th Street W. in the city, within a close residential area that is less than one mile away from Paxon School for Advanced Studies.

As depicted in a picture taken by the First Coast News, his black Dodge Challenger (which was being driven then by the suspected persons who shot him) had multiple bullet holes.

About Julia Foolio

Julio Foolio is a famous YouTuber who came out with his first musical project on YouTube. On Baby Soulja, he shares a lot of activities with other rappers, who sometimes compliment them. He boasts about his abundant life and showcases pictures of his excursions on social media.

In addition, he participates on Twitter with his continual opinions concerning trends that require being talked out.

Julia keeps a low profile offline and does not expose very much about her authentic self through the social media platforms that are available to them.

His social media is mainly used to advertise his songs. Julio Foolio is a great lover of animals. He is a travel fan and has been, for example, in Italy, Russia, London and Paris.

YouTube, social media, brand ventures, and commercial advertisements provide his primary source of livelihood. The information mentioned above concerning his wealth is estimated rather than solid.

Julia Foolio Career

He is a Florida-born rapper with tremendous skill. Since he was a little boy, Julio has been deeply interested in the music business. He was extremely young when he first began playing music. Julio experienced a problematic upbringing.

Additionally, Foolio rose to fame in 2018 after releasing the wildly popular song Coming Up. He achieved widespread fame in the rap music business because of this song. He has since published several music CDs that have resonated with many fans.

He has a million followers on Instagram, where he is extremely well-known. Also just published is Foolio’s brand-new music collection, Kay Flock. He also has a massive amount of subscribers on his YouTube account.

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