What happened to Florence in Death in Paradise? Fans want her back on the show

Death in Paradise has seen many exits and returns over the years, but could Sergeant Florence Cassell make a comeback?

This long-running UK crime show is set on a fictional French-speaking Caribbean island, where a London detective is transferred to his chagrin because he dislikes the sun, sea, and sand.

Death in Paradise, which combines comedy, drama, and murders with a joyful soundtrack of reggae, ska, and dancehall music, has been a staple of British television for the past ten years.

Additionally, it is one of the most popular dramas in the UK, with over 8 million viewers. It also has a huge global appeal, with screenings in over 230 countries.

Series 13 will premiere this year on BBC One, while series 14 will begin filming on the French-Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.

There is still a table for Florence
There is still a table for Florence

Regular cast members Ben Miller, Kris Marshall, Ardal O’Hanlon, Ralf Little, Don Warrington, Sara Martins, Elizabeth Bourgine, Danny John Jules, Gary Carr, Tobi Bakare, Shyko Amos, Aude Legastelois, Tahj Miles, Shantol Jackson, and Ginny Holder have solved one perplexing case after another.

Death in Paradise is now in its thirteenth season and looks set to remain one of the BBC’s most popular shows.

Death in Paradise is a Red Planet Pictures production, supported by the Guadeloupe region, and distributed by BBC Studios.

What happened to Florence in Death in Paradise?

Florence was last seen in the fourth episode of Death in Paradise, season 11. The police officer went on a dangerous undercover mission in which she pretended to be an au pair to gain the trust of Miranda Priestley, a major suspected criminal accused of running a massive criminal enterprise in the Caribbean.

Florence headed to Jamaica for her undercover mission, but in a twist of fate, Miranda had business with Saint Marie. Neville and the Commissioner (Don Warrington) were both worried about Florence’s safety, but she decided to continue with her mission.

Neville suspected foul play after Miranda, a business associate, died while visiting Saint Marie. However, it appeared that the death was due to suicide.

Florence told Neville that Miranda was lying and made it clear that she thought Miranda was indeed the murderer.

Is Florence returning to Death in Paradise?

When Neville asked after her well-being and happiness, probing whether or not the Commissioner ever heard from her, Selwyn crisply stated:

“She’s in witness protection; that’s all either of us need to know. For her safety.” This new tidbit of information should indicate that she will not be returning to the show.

Florence in Death in Paradise

Who replaces Florence in Death in Paradise?

Following Florence’s departure midway through series 11, Naomi expresses an interest in becoming the new Detective Sergeant. After discussions with DI Neville Parker and the Commissioner, she is accepted as the new DS.

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