What happened to fast-ed? When can we expect the announcement of the new host for Better Homes and Gardens?

Better Homes and Gardens will celebrate 30 years on air in 2024, and while recent news has shocked fans, the show will remain a fixture on the schedule.

Despite drastic changes over the years, BHG has maintained a large audience during its three decades on air.

“Today, we tend to prioritize how a story ‘feels’ over its mechanics. We have tried to include a lot more commercial music in our stories because we know there is a wide age range watching the show.

Russell Palmer, Executive Producer of Better Homes & Gardens, added that the show’s presenters are of varying ages.

Russell added, “The show has become a family show that we believe gives people content that has anything to do with their lifestyle.

It is more than just cooking and gardening; we look at anything that people find interesting and relevant on a daily/weekly basis.”

Continue reading the article to understand what happened to fast-ed on the show.

What happened to fast-ed
The reason for Ed’s departure from Better Homes and Gardens

What happened to fast-ed?

Fast Ed Chef, ‘Fast’ Ed Halmagyi is one of Australia’s best-loved TV chefs and food authors.

For more than a decade, Ed has appeared on television and radio, as well as in newspapers, magazines, and books. Ed chose to leave law school to pursue a career in cooking and has never looked back.

During his tenure on the show, Ed has ingrained himself as a cherished member of the Better Homes and Gardens family.

His affable demeanor and welcoming style in presenting effortless recipes have deeply connected with Australian audiences, establishing him as a comforting presence on their Friday evenings.

In November 2023, Halmagyi announced his departure from the series to pursue a personal business venture.

He was the host for three seasons of the travel show Discover Tasmania, as well as hosting his afternoon cooking show Fast Ed’s Fast Food.

What happened to fast-ed
What happened to fast-ed

Ed Halmagyi, also known as Fast Ed, left Australia’s Better Homes and Gardens screens in 2023 after two decades of entertaining viewers.

Better Homes and Gardens then announced Fast Ed’s celebrity replacement as the beloved My Kitchen Rules judge Colin Fassnidge.

Colin said, “my style is a lot more fun and family-friendly, and I would say economically good for people.

What is Better Homes and Gardens?

Better Homes and Gardens debuted in 1922 as Fruit, Garden, and Home. The magazine featured informative articles, cooking tips, and contests. In 1924, the name changed to Better Homes & Gardens, and it was considered one of the “Seven Sisters” women’s service magazines.

Better Homes and Gardens is the country’s original and most successful multi-platform brand, combining a TV show, a powerful print magazine, thriving digital and social platforms, and a dedicated e-commerce vertical. bhgshop.com.au.

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