What happened to Eric on Lucky Dog?

In the core of the city, where destiny dances with dreams, the perplexing story of Eric on “Lucky Dog” unfurls. This is an account of second opportunities and unprecedented changes.

Go along with us on a vivid journey into the world of dog rescue, as we uncover the insider facts behind what happened to Eric, the dedicated soul in charge of this endearing show, where hope finds its way home.

Who is Eric on Lucky Dog?

Eric boasts an exceptional family in the realm of canine training and behavior. As an American Pet Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a proud member of both the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), his commitment to dogs exceeds all rational limitations. 

His enthusiasm touched off at the young age of 15, volunteering at a St. Louis boarding kennel.

From that point, he submerged himself in the study of animal behavior, driven by a mission to support a more compassionate, scientifically sound way to deal with dog training — a responsibility that keeps on molding his work today.

What Happened to Eric on Lucky Dog?

Well, as of Oct 2023, Eric is hosting the popular show ‘Lucky Dog’ along with his wife, and nothing special has been going on with him.

Eric and Rashi have been in charge of the show starting around 2020, assuming the reins from Brandon McMillan. Both are certified proficient canine trainers with an unfaltering commitment to dog welfare.

They firmly believe that each canine deserves a sustaining home, and that training is the key part to building healthy human-dog connections.

What happened to Eric on Lucky Dog
What happened to Eric on Lucky Dog?

In every episode of Lucky Dog, Eric and Rashi work together with a new shelter dog. They meticulously assess the dog’s special needs and devise a tailored training regimen to resolve any behavioral issues.

Additionally, they often engage with potential adopters to guarantee an optimal match between the dog and its prospective family and way of life.

Eric and Rashi’s central goal is to work with dogs in finding their permanent homes while giving vital information about mindful canine ownership and the importance of training to the more extensive public.

Brandon’s exit and Eric’s entry on Lucky Dog

Season 8 of Lucky Dog aired on January 2, 2021, marking the beginning of a new era without Brandon McMillan.

While the abrupt absence of Brandon shocked numerous watchers, he needed to freely proclaim his exit from the show in October 2020.

Brandon conveyed his viewpoint through Instagram, expressing that throughout the long term, significant financing had flowed into the show, prompting an influx of decision-makers.

He highlighted how the charm of Hollywood could transform a phenomenal idea into a profit-driven endeavor.

As indicated by him, when the employment veins from a TV show, it loses its appeal. His last episode Lucky Dog was not too far off.

Besides, he emphasized his commitment to authenticity and transparency. Brandon underlined his commitment to maintaining a genuine, unfiltered approach, focusing on authenticity over theatrically, as he accepted that watchers could recognize acting and reality.

He recognized that the show had accomplished its central goal, having saved countless dog lives, while also implying that this was a fresh start instead of an end.

The current host of Lucky Dog has diverted his endeavors toward rehabilitating dogs in distress at the Westside German Shepherd Rescue in Los Angeles.

In his job as a foster parent, he gets enormous satisfaction from helping dogs with apprehensive or aggressive propensities to improve their manners, with the ultimate aim of facilitating their placement in cherishing homes, as expressed in the press release.

Did Eric and Rashi leave Lucky Dog after Brandon’s return in season 11?

No. Eric and Rashi remained as a host for Season 11 of Lucky Dog even after Brandon’s brief return. The current season is currently being broadcast on CBS, with Eric and Rashi continuing as the hosts. 

While Brandon McMillan, the show’s original host, departed in 2020 to explore new open doors, Eric and Rashi assumed hosting duties in Season 9 and have since stayed in charge.

Even though Brandon made a return for a couple of reunion episodes in Season 11, Eric and Rashi hold their jobs as the essential hosts of the show.

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