What happened to Ean Higgins? MH370 Mystery and Unsettling Disappearance

Ean Higgins was born in Texas and raised in Quebec before moving to Australia with his Canadian father and Australian mother.

Over nearly four decades, he has worked for Australia’s three national newspapers as a reporter, section editor, chief of staff, and foreign correspondent. He began his career as a cadet at the Australian Financial Review, where he was named the paper’s first New Zealand correspondent.

He then moved to the Fairfax group’s investigative title Times on Sunday before joining The Australian in 1988, where he served as foreign news editor, Inquirer editor, Europe correspondent, and Sydney bureau chief, among other roles.

Summary of ‘The Hunt for MH370’

Embarking on a literary journey into the enigma of Malaysia Flight MH370, Ean Higgins’ “The Hunt for MH370” is not your typical dry, technical investigation.

Instead, it unfolds as a captivating exploration into the mysterious disappearance, blending first-person accounts, original documents, and insights from international experts.

Higgins meticulously weaves together the myriad possibilities surrounding the fate of MH370, leaving readers on the edge of their seats.

Higgins delves into the depths of this perplexing puzzle, uncovering hidden clues and presenting a plausible assessment.

“The Hunt for MH370” is not just a book; it’s an immersive flight into the unknown, inviting readers to navigate the complexities of one of aviation’s most confounding mysteries.

Ean Higgins has Discovered the Most Likely Scenario for the Loss of the Boeing 777
Ean Higgins, in his latest book “The Hunt for MH370,” leaves no stone unturned as he unravels the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

What happened to Ean Higgins
Author Ean Higgins dives deep into the labyrinth of MH370’s disappearance.

Drawing on extensive interviews with aviation experts, air crash investigators, victims’ families, and more, Higgins weaves a compelling narrative that points toward a chilling conclusion: a meticulously planned and coldly executed mass murder-suicide.

In this gripping account, Higgins suggests that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, troubled by various personal issues, effectively hijacked his plane.

Locking the co-pilot out of the cockpit, he orchestrated a series of maneuvers, including turning off tracking gear, depressurizing the plane, and executing a U-turn.

All the while, Shah donned his pilot’s oxygen mask with hours of supply, setting a course for the remote southern Indian Ocean.

However, even after years of research and analysis, Higgins admits uncertainty, acknowledging the need to find the aircraft and recover the black box for a conclusive understanding.

The author remains troubled by the prevalence of wild theories that circulate in the news, causing additional anguish for the relatives of those on board.

What happened to Ean Higgins?

Ean Higgins was presumed dead shortly after releasing his book. A Sky News Australia documentary on MH370 revealed that Ean Higgins, the author of “The Hunt for MH370,” has gone missing.

Even stranger is the rather unsure statement that no suspicious circumstances are suspected. Mike Chillit mentioned it on his X account.

Looking him up on the internet yields a slew of shady sites rather than a single reliable source. It’s as if he was erased from the internet.

Some may recall that in 2020, Australian journalist Ean Higgins vanished without a trace while covering what he had come to realize by then was his own government’s incompetence in searching for the crash site of this plane.

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