What Happened To Dylan Larkin? What Happened To The Captain Of The Detroit Red Wings?

Joseph struck Larkin in the head and/or neck region, causing the Red Wings captain to sprawl to the ice in a somewhat dangerous position.

The seriousness of the issue escalated as Larkin lay face down for a torturous period, apparently unconscious, after the forceful hit.

As soon as David Perron shockingly checked Artem Zub in the face in retaliation, the hit’s aftermath swiftly spiralled out of control.

The two teams engaged in a wild and violent fight as a result of the retaliatory move, drawing attention away from Larkin’s lifeless body that was lying on the ice.

What happened to Dylan Larkin?

Dylan Larkin was struck in the head/neck region by Joseph. Concern increased when Larkin failed to move or react right away.

What Happened To Dylan Larkin
Dylan Larkin

There was an uncomfortable hush in the arena, and both players and spectators were holding their breaths, waiting for any word that the captain of the Red Wings was doing okay.

The Horrifying Moment of Dylan Larkin: A Night of Worry for Red Wings Supporters

Larkin did not show any symptoms of awareness until the medical personnel got onto the ice. There was a noticeable air of concern and confusion in the crowd as Dylan Larkin slowly stood up and needed assistance getting off the ice.

The rest of the game was shadowed by the picture of Dylan Larkin being taken off the ice, and it was unclear how serious his injuries were.

Although Larkin didn’t require a stretcher, he appeared disoriented as teammates Robby Fabbri and Shayne Gostisbehere carried him to the tunnel.

After around thirty minutes, the Wings declared that Larkin would not be playing again since he was still being evaluated by the club doctors.

Larkin’s exit raised questions among Red Wings supporters about how his departure may affect the team as he skated to the locker room with the assistance of the coaching staff.

The next match lineup and the captain’s health in the long run

The hockey community is waiting nervously for information on Dylan Larkin’s status following this concerning occurrence.

The Red Wings organisation will surely carry out extensive evaluations to ascertain the extent of Larkin’s injury because head and neck injuries in sports are always concerning.

Due to Dylan Larkin’s injury, the Detroit Red Wings are presently behind 1-0 in the late first period. The Ottawa Senators are leading the Detroit Red Wings this far.

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