What happened to Drew in Tell Me Lies? A Riveting Saga of Suspense

Benjamin Hassan Wadsworth is an actor from the United States. He is best known for his role as Marcus Lopez Arguello in the Syfy show Deadly Class. He is descended from Mexicans, Iranians, English, Native Americans, French, and Swedes.

Because he began acting in 2013, he was home-schooled during high school to allow for film and video work. Jo Jezebel, their daughter, was born in January 2020.

Benjamin Wadsworth’s TV and Film Roles

Benjamin Wadsworth, the maestro of emotive storytelling, left an indelible mark with his compelling performances across various series.

In “Your Honor,” Wadsworth’s portrayal of Rocco Baxter, though brief, triggered a narrative avalanche, weaving a tapestry of revenge and escalating tension after his tragic hit-and-run demise caused by Adam Desiato.

As Marcus Lopez Arguello in “Deadly Class,” Wadsworth showcased his versatility, embodying a tormented orphan turned ruthless assassin.

His nuanced portrayal delved into Marcus’s harrowing past and intricate relationships, injecting profound depth into the series. Wadsworth’s performance resonated, revealing the desperate longing for connection in Marcus’s cutthroat world.

In an alternate vampiric universe, Wadsworth was set to sink his teeth into the role of Henry in the pilot for the “Let the Right One In” series.

Although TNT pulled the plug on the series, Wadsworth later made a memorable appearance in the final episode of “Teen Wolf,” leaving his mark as Alec in “The Wolves of War.”

What happened to Drew in Tell Me Lies
The suspenseful unraveling of secrets in “Tell Me Lies”.

What happened to Drew in Tell Me Lies?

Drew met an uncertain fate. While not explicitly confirmed, the absence of his presence at Evan and Bree’s wedding, coupled with cryptic warnings, suggests his story might have ended tragically. The series leaves viewers on edge, speculating about Drew’s mysterious and possibly grim outcome.

In the Hulu series’ dramatic kickoff, Lucy’s collegiate adventure takes an unexpected turn when her friend Macy’s life is cut short in a tragic car accident.

The shocking revelation sends shockwaves through the close-knit group, with the narrative quickly unfolding to expose the clandestine role of Drew, the younger brother of the friendly football star, in Macy’s demise.

As speculation mounts about Drew’s fate, the absence of his presence at Evan and Bree’s wedding fuels the ominous suspicion that his story might have met a grim end.

The enigmatic clues scattered throughout the narrative, coupled with the cryptic warnings to Lucy, keep viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the unfolding twists in this riveting tale of secrets and their consequences.

Drew murdered Macy in Tell Me Lies Episode 2?

While he didn’t deal the fatal blow to Macy, his escapade for liquor turned into a life-altering moment. Maneuvering through the night, Drew’s car dance with Macy’s took a dark turn, leaving her fate intertwined with a tree.

As Drew spilled the clandestine details to Stephen, the concoction of panic, alcohol, and a fake ID led him to abandon Macy at the crash site.

Now burdened with the weight of silence, Drew grapples with the haunting aftermath. The plot thickens as Stephen and Wrigley counsel Drew on the perils of revealing the truth, warning him of the ruinous consequences.

Yet, as the shadows of guilt loom large, Drew’s resolve to keep the secret becomes a precarious tightrope walk.

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