What happened to Drew Brees? Where is Drew Brees in 2023?

Most people agree that one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL is Drew Brees. He played in the league for 20 seasons and took home multiple awards.

Football fans are interested in finding out what the renowned quarterback is up to these days.

After leaving the NFL in 2020, Brees has continued to be involved in football. He became a broadcaster for NBC during the 2021–2022 NFL season.

Due to his lack of experience in his new role, he had a somewhat difficult beginning to his analyst career.

What happened to Drew Brees?

Famous quarterback Drew Brees suffered a throwing shoulder injury during the 2005 NFL season, seemingly ending his career.

Drew Brees declared his retirement from football in 2021 following a fantastic NFL career and a rib injury. Brees has stayed involved with football since he retired from the NFL in 2020.

What happened to Drew Brees
Drew Brees

However, he assisted the New Orleans Saints in their historic Super Bowl victory four years later. That is one of the things that makes the highly-regarded quarterback the most successful player in NFL history.

At the age of 41, Drew Brees participated in his last NFL season in 2020. Fans of the NFL saw him as having a weak throwing arm.

The throws beyond twenty yards that he had made so easily during the New Orleans Saints’ 2009 Super Bowl championship were suddenly difficult for him to make.

There is no doubt that being a professional athlete, especially in the NFL, has its highs and lows; however, retirement tends to increase the frequency of those low points.

It most definitely applies to Drew Brees, the great player who revealed this week that he can no longer throw the ball accurately with his right arm, which was formerly linked to precision.

In the season finale versus the Denver Broncos, he fumbled and fell on his throwing arm. The fall caused severe injuries to other important body parts, including a dislocated shoulder.

Although Brees recovered and went on to have a fantastic NFL career with the Saints thanks to medical assistance, it seems that the injury’s long-term effects are finally starting to catch up with the Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

Where is Drew Brees now?

In addition to working with student-athletes, 43-year-old Brees is currently assisting the Boilermakers with recruiting.

In December of that year, he went back to his alma mater, Purdue, as an interim assistant coach.

He recently helped Purdue prepare for their Citrus Bowl contest in January 2023 against the LSU Tigers.

Since 2021, Brees has served as a PointsBet brand ambassador. However, a week after he agreed to coach Purdue, PointsBet, which operates in New Jersey, announced it was ending its partnership with Brees.

Drew Brees is not part of the NFL Network

The former quarterback for the Saints said via Twitter that he was still unsure of his plans. After a year, Drew Brees has officially left NBC Sports.

The former quarterback would not be returning as a studio or game analyst, according to a story published in The New York Post last month.

Following that report, Brees took to social media and said he had not decided on his future.

Bevacqua said that Brees’ desire to spend more time with his family has come up in their talks. He added, “This was a lifestyle choice for him, which is understandable.”

Before concluding a 20-year NFL career with the San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints, where he holds the record for passing yards and touchdowns, Brees inked a multi-year deal with NBC in 2020. Along with Mike Tirico, he covered Notre Dame games as an analyst.

In the wild-card round game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Las Vegas Raiders, which Brees struggled with, Tirico and Brees called the action.

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