What happened to Deji? Are Deji and KSI related?

Significant intrigue and controversy have surrounded the turbulent relationship between YouTube sensations Deji and KSI, two brothers who became well-known through their online output and boxing careers.

The Deji and KSI saga is a gripping story of sibling rivalry, drama, and the eternal bond that binds them together.

It follows them from their early combined success to a widely publicized conflict and finally a tentative route toward reconciliation.

Read this article, to explore the ups and downs of these internet personalities’ relationships and dig into their turbulent journeys.

Who is Deji?

Before winning the first boxing battle of his career, Deji Olatunji, 25, was better known on YouTube under the username Comedy Shorts Gamer.

He first started uploading gameplay videos to YouTube in December 2011 but has since moved on to challenges and various prank vlogs. He now has more than 10.6 million subscribers to his channel.

Additionally, Deji co-starred as Freddie in the 2016 comedy Laid in America alongside his brother KSI, whose full name is Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji.

Are Deji and KSI related?

KSI and Deji are brothers. They both have millions of subscribers on their own YouTube channels, are well-known YouTubers who are now boxers, and were both born and bred in Watford, England.

The Sidemen co-founder Jide Adamulla Olatunji was born in London on June 19, 1993. His parents are Islington native Yinka Atinuke and Nigerian father Jide Adamulla Olatunji. Deji, the younger sibling, was born on December 9th, 1996.

They used to live together at the Sidemen house and frequently worked together on projects, appeared in one another’s movies, and shared other close relationships.

What happened to Deji?

There was a lot of fighting between the two brothers in 2019. It appears to have begun when Randolph, KSI’s friend, claimed Deji had a “dead channel” in a video akin to Family Feud.

In his response video, Deji, who KSI described as someone who “kind of overreacts” and “takes everything to heart,” criticized Randolph and brought up his wife.

What happened to Deji
What happened to Deji?

KSI, who was good friends with Randolph, was put in the center of the contentious exchange of diss tracks between the two.

To “prove” that KSI had paid for Randolph’s wedding, Deji published a screenshot of KSI’s personal bank account in one of his diss tracks.

The following day, KSI posted a reaction video in which he expressed his disgust at his parents for allowing Deji access to the bank account and how he felt his trust had been betrayed. This is when things appeared to take a turn for the worse.

On Christmas Day of 2018, KSI visited his family and tweeted that Deji had thrown him out as their parents stood by and watched. His brother had also threatened to call the police if KSI didn’t leave, according to KSI.

Explanation of Deji and KSI?

Deji made a “bye” video on May 25, 2019, which has since been taken down. Deji said in the video that KSI had been abusive to him for years. He alleged that his brother had tried to “steal” several girls that he had loved and had slept with a girl that he was in love with in 2015.

A few days after Deji posted his explainer film, KSI created his own rebuttal. The song’s title was “ending it all.”

In the hour-long film, KSI refutes Deji’s assertions and presents his own version of events. After the incident, Deji lost thousands of subscribers while KSI gained them as fans seemed to support KSI.

What’s the situation between Deji and KSI now?

Between the two brothers, things have undoubtedly calmed down since the conflict. Deji appears in the newest KSI film, KSI: In Real Life.

They both expressed affection for each other and want to mend their relationship, even if it hasn’t fully recovered from the dispute.

Deji adds, “I want a brother,” in a clip from the documentary, expressing his desire for them to be closer.

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