What happened to Dejan Milojevic? Legacy of a Hoops Pioneer

Dejan Milojevic was a former basketball player turned fruitful coach. Milojevic played for a considerable length of time, procuring honors, and later trained for teams like Mega Basket and Budućnost.

His significant coaching with the Golden State Warriors added to their 2022 NBA title.

Who Was Dejan Milojevic?

Born in Sarajevo on April 15, 1977, Dejan Milojevic was a professional basketball player and coach.

With three MVPs in the ABA League and the titles of Adriatic League scoring champion in 2005 and 2006, Milojevic had an amazing playing profession.

He went from being a player to a coach in the wake of retiring before he joined the Golden Champions as an associate coach in 2021.

Dejan Milojevic Early Life

At the point when Dejan Milojevic was 13 years old, he began playing basketball. In 1990, he entered the KK Tašmajdan youth categories and promptly showed his talent.

Milojevic laid out achievements, like scoring 141 points in a single game, exhibiting his strength in the youth system.

His early stages set him up for a rewarding, professional basketball profession.

What happened to Dejan Milojevic?

Dejan Milojevic died at the age of 46 after having a heart attack during a team dinner. One of the Golden State Warriors’ coaching staff members, Dejan Milojevic, struggled with a health condition.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports that assistant coach Milojevic was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday following a health problem he had at a Salt Lake City restaurant.

According to the sources, the incident happened while the coaches and players were having dinner together.

Prior to the Warriors’ away game against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday, Milojevic and the team were in Salt Lake City.

What happened to Dejan Milojevic
Dejan Milojevic was a basketball player turned influential coach.

The 46-year-old Serbian coach had to be hospitalized after suffering a heart attack, according to BNN. His condition seems to be steady.

The team has not yet released a comment regarding Dejan Milojevic’s health.

Dejan Milojevic Cause of Death and Obituary

Salt Lake City, Utah, lost Dejan Milojevic, 46, to a sudden illness. During a team dinner, he reportedly had a heart attack, which resulted in a medical emergency.

The incident led to the NBA postponing the Golden State Warriors vs. Utah Jazz game.

When Milojevic had his heart attack, doctors were worried about his health and he had surgery. He did not, regrettably, live, and the basketball community is in mourning following his passing.

Winning Coach with the Golden State Warriors

Dejan Milojevic played in Turkey, Spain, and Serbia for fifteen years. During his three years as the Adriatic League MVP (2004–2006) and two years as the team’s best scorer (2005, 2006), he had a great time playing for Partizan.

After retiring in 2009, he started working as a coach in 2012. Between Mega Basket and Buducnost, he played for nine years, winning both the Montenegrin League and the Serbian Cup.

He joined the Golden State Warriors coaching staff in 2021 and helped them win the NBA championship in 2022.

When the Boston Celtics were upset by the Warriors in six games.It is Dejan Milojevic’s responsibility to work with large men and develop their abilities on both ends.

He has collaborated with four-time champions Draymond Green, James Wiseman, and Kevon Looney in the Warriors.

As a starting center, Kevon Looney has played in all 40 Warriors games this season, averaging 5.7 points and 7.1 rebounds per contest.

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