What happened to Dee and Austin from Survivor? Post-Show Relationship Sparks Fan Speculation

After the Season 45 finale, Survivor fans can’t stop talking about Dee Nguyen and Austin Carty’s possible romance.

After their co-stars alluded to a potential relationship, rumors started to circulate. While maintaining a “low key,” both competitors made subtle allusions to a personal relationship.

Fans still have optimism for this dominant Survivor couple, even in the absence of a clear resolution.

Who are Dee and Austin from Survivor?

A well-liked reality TV program called Survivor has been broadcast since 2000. The contestants on the show are stuck on an island and have to participate in different challenges to win prizes and stay in the running.

Numerous iconic athletes, such as Austin Carty and Dee Nguyen, have graced our screens over the years.

Dee Nguyen

Dee Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American reality TV personality who gained notoriety in 2019 for her participation on the Australian season of Survivor: Champions vs. Contenders.

She currently resides in Melbourne, Australia; however, her birthplace is San Diego, California. Before going on Survivor, Dee was a social media influencer and model.

Dee gained popularity throughout her tenure on the show for her clever gameplay and powerful physical prowess. She quickly forged friendships with other players and survived until day 45, when her fellow competitors voted her out.

Austin Carty

In 2003, Austin Carty made an appearance during the sixth season of the American version of Survivor: The Amazon.

Before enrolling at Wake Forest University for college, he played football and basketball as a child in his hometown of High Point, North Carolina.

Austin was first assigned to the Tambaqui tribe on Survivor, but after losing a challenge, he changed to the Jaburu tribe.

Austin made it far in the game despite encountering some obstacles during filming the show, such as becoming sick from tainted water sources.

His likable nature and capacity for situational adaptation allowed him to succeed.

What happened to Dee and Austin from Survivor?

Dee and Austin's Survivor might get romantically involved.
Dee and Austin’s Survivor might get romantically involved.

Dee Nguyen and Austin Carty might become a potential Survivor couple after Season 45, sparking fan speculation. Both express privacy wishes post-show.

After Wednesday night’s Survivor finale, fans were wildly excited on Twitter, asking if the on-screen couple continued their relationship after leaving the island.

Not only that, but Dee and Austin’s season 45 co-stars have also expressed their opinions about what lies ahead for the reality-show power couple.

“I’m kind of nervous about the Austin and Dee thing,” their tribemate Kendra McQuarrie had confided to Bruce Perrault and Julie Alley back during a November episode. “I love that I believe they are secretly in love. And I want them to tie the knot later.”

When pushed to elaborate on her usage of the term “low-key,” the Survivor star said, “We’re going to keep it low key for the time being because so much is happening in our lives. You’ll see pictures here and there.”

In his conversation with the site, Austin had similar feelings to Dee, saying: “We kind of want to keep that a little private for now, just because things have been so crazy.”

The season finale recently aired, and I’m not sure I’m prepared to answer all of the fans’ questions just yet. I’m going to keep that confidential for the time being.

Not a firm yes or no, but since the relationship is still very much centered around “we,” we’re going to hold out hope for these two romantically.

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