What happened to David Montgomery? Detroit Lions’ David Montgomery Suffers A Setback

David Montgomery, the veteran running back for the Detroit Lions, had been enjoying a productive start to the season, contributing significantly to the team’s early successes.

However, during a Week 2 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks, Montgomery encountered an unfortunate setback that raised questions.

Since the setback, fans have been wondering what happened to David Montgomery.

They have also been concerned about his health and availability going forward. If you are among the concerned fans, then you must delve into the article to find your answers.

Third-Quarter Injury Scare

The turning point came during the third quarter of Sunday’s game, when Montgomery made a catch but immediately started limping.

David Montgomery
David Montgomery (Source: Instagram)

It was a concerning sight as he had to be assisted to the Lions’ bench, unable to put much weight on his right leg.

The pain was evident as Detroit’s training staff rushed to assess and attend to his injured leg.

The Medical Staff’s Efforts

As the Lions’ medical staff took action, they wrapped Montgomery’s right knee in an attempt to stabilize the injury.

However, the severity of the situation prompted the decision to cart him off the field and into the locker room for further evaluation.

What happened to David Montgomery?

David Montgomery has suffered a thigh injury, which is the reason behind his setback. Detroit subsequently announced that David Montgomery had sustained a thigh injury.

What happened to David Montgomery
What happened to David Montgomery?

This diagnosis left his return to the game against the Seahawks in question, casting uncertainty over his immediate future on the field.

Montgomery’s Performance Prior to Injury

Before the injury struck, David Montgomery had been a driving force in the Lions’ offense during the game.

He had carried the ball 16 times for 67 yards and had already scored a touchdown. His contributions were instrumental in the team’s efforts to secure a victory.

The Emergence of Jahmyr Gibbs

With Montgomery sidelined due to an injury, the Lions turned to first-round rookie Jahmyr Gibbs to shoulder the responsibilities in the backfield.

It became evident that the team would rely heavily on Gibbs in Montgomery’s absence.

Fantasy Implications of Montgomery’s Injury

Fantasy football enthusiasts monitoring David Montgomery’s injury were keenly interested in the potential fallout.

Montgomery’s injury occurred on a sideline reception in the second quarter, and he was visibly in discomfort. Subsequently, Montgomery was observed on his back, receiving attention on his leg.

As Montgomery left the field, Jahmyr Gibbs took over every snap, signaling that he would be the primary running back in Montgomery’s absence.

While it was possible that Craig Reynolds might see some action, the emphasis was on Gibbs assuming a substantial workload for the Lions.

Gibbs Takes the Helm

In light of Montgomery’s injury, it became evident that Jahmyr Gibbs would play a pivotal role in the Lions’ offense moving forward.

As the primary running back, he would bear the responsibility of filling the void left by Montgomery’s absence.

Uncertainty Surrounding Montgomery’s Return

David Montgomery’s injury during the Week 2 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks cast a shadow of uncertainty over his immediate playing status.

The thigh injury left his return to the game questionable, and the extent of his absence remains uncertain.

As the Lions looked to Jahmyr Gibbs to step into the role of the lead running back, the fantasy implications of Montgomery’s injury became a point of interest for fans and fantasy football enthusiasts alike.

The outcome of Montgomery’s recovery and its impact on the Lions’ season would only become clear as time progressed.

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