What happened to Daisy on The Bachelor? Does Daisy Win The Bachelor?

Daisy has been a fan favorite since the beginning, but does Daisy win The Bachelor 2024, and is she engaged to Joey?

For information on Daisy’s chances of winning The Bachelor Season 28 and what transpires between her and Joey, continue reading.

Alongside Joey Graziadei, Daisy Kent is one of 32 contestants on The Bachelor Season 28. Joey competed alongside Charity Lawson on Season 20 of The Bachelorette, finishing in second place.

In August 2023, during The Bachelorette Season 20 “After the Final Rose” special, he was revealed as the Season 28 Bachelor. “I want to be with someoe who tests me.

“A partner to navigate life with,” Joey confided in host Jesse Palmer at the “After the Final Rose” event.

In January 2024, Joey discussed whether he had any regrets about his season on The Bachelor in an interview with BachelorNation.com.

Regrets are not something I tend to have. Being authentic and taking the lead with the choice I believe is right is what I have done the entire time, and what I will keep trying to do,” he declared.

We all make mistakes, and I will not look back on anything and claim that is something I should have done differently. I believe I performed this to the best of my abilities.

What happened to Daisy on The Bachelor?

What happened to Daisy on The Bachelor
Does Daisy win The Bachelor 2024?

During their Fantasy Suite overnight date, Daisy told Joey that she was falling in love with him. He expressed regret for having told her during their hometown date that he shared similar feelings and that he had wanted to give her the real words.

Joey told Daisy that he was falling in love with her too. They were both afraid of falling in love again because of their past relationships, but they were able to break down their walls, and allow themselves to fall in love with each other.

Daisy captivated Joey during The Bachelor season 28 premiere night when she arrived at the Bachelor Mansion in a red pickup truck with a Christmas tree in the back because she grew up on a Christmas tree farm.

Does Daisy win The Bachelor Season 28

They clicked right away, and their relationship has only gotten stronger over the season. It is likely that two people will have a long-lasting relationship when they feel such an instant and deep connection.

Does Daisy win The Bachelor Season 28?

Daisy does not win The Bachelor Season 28 and is not engaged to Joey. Daisy was the runner-up on The Bachelor Season 28 and went home in second place at the Final Rose Ceremony. Rachel Nance finished in third place, while Maria Georgas finished in fourth place for Joey.

Kelsey Anderson, a 25-year-old junior project manager from Leesville, Louisiana, is the winner of Joey’s Bachelor 2024.

Daisy goes to Kelsey’s room to essentially tell her, “It is not me, it is you,” after realizing that she was not Joey’s winner during their most recent date on The Bachelor Season 28, according to Reality Steve.

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