What happened to Craig McLachlan?

Craig McLachlan, the Australian singer, composer, musician, and actor, has had a long and varied career in music, theater, film, and television.

He is best known for his roles in television series such as “Neighbours” and “Home and Away,” as well as his international success as a musician with songs like “Mona (I Need You Baby)” and “Amanda.”

However, his career took a turn due to allegations of indecent assault. Let us find out everything there is to know.

Television, music and present career of Craig

McLachlan moved to Sydney when he was around 16 to pursue an acting career. He was cast in multiple TV commercials and as a guest on The Young Doctors.

However, he soon moved back home and spent two years working as a laborer and a gym instructor.Upon his return to Sydney, he was cast as a guest student in two Sons and Daughters episodes.

Besides television, he also enjoyed international success in his music career. With his cover of the Bo Diddley song “Mona (I Need You Baby)” and his original songs “Amanda,” “One Reason Why,” and “On My Own,” he achieved success in both Australia and the UK.

McLachlan played Andrew Majury in the science fiction thriller Restoration in 2016. Alongside Jessica Marais, McLachlan starred in a recurring role in the Channel 10 comedy The Wrong Girl.

What is he doing now?

Three actresses from the Australian production of The Rocky Horror Show in 2014—Christie Whelan Browne, Erika Heynatz, and Angela Scundi—made allegations against McLachlan, according to a joint investigation by Fairfax Media and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on January 8, 2018.

Following his departure from the 2018 production of The Rocky Horror Show, McLachlan announced in April that he would not be returning to the series.

According to Craig, he was not invited to appear or have his character mentioned in the final episode of the program because of “cancel culture,” which is connected to the 2020 sexual assault charges against him, McLachlan stated in an interview.

His role in Australian Soap Opera Neighbours is highly appreciated, and it was memorable. Craig played the role of a fictional character, Henry Ramsay. He made his first screen appearance on February 19, 1987.

Currently, Craig has put himself in the SAS Australia firing line as a contestant, and at the halfway point he is still in the series and doing well.

What happened to Craig McLachlan?

On Monday, Craig McLachlan was compelled to leave SAS Australia after acknowledging that his physical condition prevented him from finishing the course.

The 58-year-old actor acknowledged that, despite having the mental fortitude to finish, he was having physical difficulties.

What happened to Craig McLachlan
Craig McLachlan

Craig admits that he attempted to take his own life following indecent assault allegations. The actor claimed that appearing on the latest season of SAS Australia caused him to lose his mental health in addition to his career and reputation.

I ended up in the darkest place imaginable at the time these accusations were made public,” he said.

According to McLachlan, the current circumstances are “extreme social anxiety” and “very difficult-to-trust situations.”

“I suffer extreme social anxiety,” he said. I am more anxious about being with a new group of people than I am about climbing up a mountain. Although it seems strange, I am afraid that is actually the case.”

Is Craig single?

No, he married Karen Williams, but the couple separated in 1989.

McLachlan and his first wife, Karen Williams fell in love while performing the leading roles at The Entrance High School’s end-of-year musical. At 21, he had married Williams, but they kept the marriage a secret.

Not long after they separated, McLachlan began a relationship with actress Rachel Friend, a cast member of Neighbors. He married Rachel Friend in 1993, and this relationship came to an end in 1994.

The American singer also has a son, Jacob McLachlan.

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