What happened to CM Punk WWE? Unraveling the Truth

CM Punk, a name that resonates deeply within the realm of professional wrestling, embodies an enigmatic persona that has captivated audiences for years.

Known for his outspokenness, in-ring prowess, and unyielding determination, CM Punk’s journey through the world of wrestling has been as tumultuous as it has been remarkable.

As the curtains draw back on this complex figure’s tale, delving into the highs, lows, controversies, and successes, the story of CM Punk remains a riveting saga within the annals of professional wrestling lore.

Who is CM Punk?

Phillip Jack Brooks, better known by the ring name CM Punk, is an American professional wrestler, commentator, actor, and former mixed martial artist. His birthday is October 26, 1978.

He was previously a performer for WWE from 2005 to 2014, and he is currently signed with them. Throughout his entire career, Brooks has gone by the CM Punk moniker.

Most of the portrayals of him that have been based on his real-life self are confrontational, straight-talking, sharp-tongued, anti-establishment, iconoclastic, and outspoken.

Depending on his alignment as a hero or villain, he has emphasized different aspects to garner heat. In 1999, Brooks started his career as a professional wrestler on the independent circuit.

He worked mostly for Ring of Honor (ROH), where he claimed one ROH World Championship.

What happened to CM Punk WWE?

At the 37th annual Survivor Series event, CM Punk finally made his long-awaited comeback to WWE. Punk returned to the WWE following a nine-year absence. 2014 saw him make his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble.

What happened to CM Punk WWE
CM Punk

WWE and CM Punk had a history of feuding, and both parties had previously declared they would never collaborate again. 

The reasons behind the Best in the World’s nine-year exile from WWE, which always piques the interest of fans, are the true events surrounding CM Punk and WWE.

We cannot dispute that CM Punk is among the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, especially in light of the crowd’s enthusiastic reception of his WWE comeback.

From the beginning of his WWE career, The Second City Saint was regarded as one of the most promising superstars. In 2006, Punk made his WWE main roster debut.

Afterward, he won the WWE championship, which he held for nearly 500 days, making him one of the most successful WWE champions of this era. He also had a rivalry with John Cena, which is regarded as one of his greatest rivalries ever.

Paul Heyman Guy gave a number of explanations for his departure from WWE on the podcast Wrestling with Colt Cabana, including medical negligence, a lack of respect, and—most importantly—Punk’s belief that he was not being utilized appropriately in the WWE.

His WrestleMania main event was never held. He even revealed how WWE gave The Rock, a part-time performer, the opportunity to headline WrestleMania.

In 2014, Punk left the WWE. From that point forward, he dealt with a couple of Hollywood undertakings, even tried genuine battling games out, and made his UFC debut.

His record as a UFC warrior was 0 successes and 2 misfortunes, demonstrating a resonating disappointment.

Is CM Punk married?

Yes, CM Punk is married. Punk and AJ Lee’s chemistry has long been admired by fans. It was during their time together in the Stamford-based promotion that CM Punk and AJ Lee got to know one another.

After that, in 2013, the couple began dating. As time went on, their romance grew, and in June 2014, the pair tied the knot. It should be mentioned that Punk and Lee’s wedding was held in secret.

Only their close friends and family were there. They have been a fan-favorite couple for the past nine years after getting together. The couple is not currently parents to any children.

It will be interesting to watch if the couple shares further details about their relationship in the days to come. AJ Lee, whose real name is April Jeanette Mendez, was a wrestler for the WWE from 2009 until 2015.

She demonstrated exceptional in-ring skills during that time and achieved a number of successes. She eventually sustained an injury, though, which forced her to leave professional wrestling.

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