What happened to Chris Tarrant?

Chris Tarrant, the iconic British broadcaster and TV presenter renowned for his tenure as the host of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ embarked on a storied career that has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

From his beginnings as a teacher to becoming a household name on both radio and television, Tarrant’s charm, wit, and versatility have captivated audiences for decades.

Explore the journey and current ventures of this beloved television personality.

Who is Chris Tarrant?

Chris Tarrant was born on October 10 1946 in Reading England and is a British broadcaster and TV presenter famous for presenting Who Wants to be a Millionaire the UK version Tarrant took to TV after being a teacher he joined radio in the 70’s.

Throughout several decades, the career of Tarrant witnessed performing a radio and television hosting job. But it was as the host of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’- on ITV-between 1998 and 2014- that made him a household name.

What happened to Chris Tarrant
Chris Tarrant’s TV Legacy.

The show’s format of contestants answering progressively harder questions in the hope of a million pounds captivates people, and it merges into the culture.

As for other TV shows, besides the phenomenon “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Tarrant didn’t only host “Tarrant on TV”, “Tarrant in Africa”, and “Tand and Arrant’s Travels”, but also left his signature on radio stations such as Capital Radio and Virgin Radio.

During all of Tarrant’s life as a gifted man in his profession, he has been close to many prizes and rewards for his broadcasting works.

Thanks to his widespread appeal due to his friendly nature, wit, and ability to accommodate all kinds of audiences, he remained the face of TV everywhere in the UK, one of the most telling British television icons of all time.

What happened to Chris Tarrant?

Chris Tarrant resigned from the position of the host of “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?” in 2014 after serving as one for 16 years.

This was the symbolic close of an era for the much-loved quiz show that had been a British television staple since 1998. Tarrant’s cab out was something fans questioned why he did that.

Tarrant, on the other hand, thanks them for their time on the show in his message which he considers a fantastic trip.

Chris Tarrant
Chris Tarrant

And he gave an important place to “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”? In his life and career, feeling the privilege was glad to be the first connected to the show from the beginning days.

During his time as the host, Tarrant had become inseparable from the show leading contestants through the high-stakes questions with his signature charm and wit.

Although Tarrant did not disclose the reasons for his decision to resign, such is typical of hosts leaving established programs after long years of service.

Reasons like the wish to try one’s luck somewhere else, continue creative activities elsewhere, and go on a vacation from the busy daily round of a show host might have nudged his decision.

Furthermore, after 16 years in charge of the show, Tarrant may have concluded that it was time to hand the reins to a new host and let the show take a new path.

Is Chris Tarrant still involved in television or entertainment?

In 2014, legendary host Chris Tarrant moved away from the cult game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? to a new chapter in their television career.

Without his character as the show’s charming presenter, Tarrant has proven to be a huge figure in the entertainment world, proving his variety as well as popularity among the audience.

Having left “ Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, Tarrant has from time to time also made some TV appearances, indicating that he is to some extent still engaged with the medium.

Although he does not host game shows weekly, his screen presence resembles a risk that he is very popular among British television audiences.

Outside television, Tarrant has diversified and engaged himself/herself in different entertainment projects and ventures.

In his guest appearances on talk shows as well as working on documentaries, he has done quite a lot to remain relevant to the public.

Tarrant’s versatility is not limited to mainstream television formats; he may even have the capability to host events and choose otherwise to pursue other ventures, creative works or initiatives not integrated within the television program.

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