What happened to Chris Snow?

When Chris Snow was diagnosed with ALS, a fatal disease that had already claimed the lives of several family members, the future was dismal.

ALS, well known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, provided little hope, yet Chris defied the odds.

This blog is a homage to his incredible journey, a story of hope, and a call to action for resilience and advocacy that continues to motivate us.

What happened to Chris Snow?

Chris Snow died on September 30th, 2023 at the age of 42. He died of the complications that resulted from ALS, a disease he had long been diagnosed with.

Chris Snow’s ALS battle was nothing short of remarkable. Within months, the cancer claimed the lives of his father, two uncles, and a cousin. Most people would be doomed if they received this diagnosis.

What happened to Chris Snow
What happened to Chris Snow?

Chris, on the other hand, set off on a quest that would defy all expectations. An early enrolment in a clinical gene therapy experiment provided a ray of optimism.

A Surprising Journey

His enrollment produced astounding effects. Chris Snow learnt to adapt after losing the use of his right hand, teaching himself to complete everyday duties with his left hand.

His tenacity and grit were extremely inspiring. He kept playing catch with his children, Cohen and Willa while adjusting to his altered lifestyle.

The Hope Flame

Chris was rollerblading a year after his diagnosis, a monument to his stubborn spirit.

As the Calgary Flames’ deputy general manager, he brought his enthusiasm for the game to the team, strengthening analytics and statistical operations.

Because of his unshakeable demeanour, his coworkers were frequently ignorant of his diagnosis. In the face of adversity, he became a symbol of hope.

A Positive Vision

Chris Snow ventured to hope that the experimental medicinal therapy might slow the growth of his condition and weaken his muscles.

Hope, a great force that kept him going, defined his journey. He wished he had more time to watch his children grow and play, and to share in their joys.

A Glimmer of Light amid the Dark Clouds

Chris Snow managed to push a lawnmower around his garden in July, despite the continuous onslaught of ALS. These were moments of bravery, resilience, and a genuine appreciation for life’s modest pleasures.

He was able to spend glorious days at the lake with his family, demonstrating that love and hope can win over adversity.

A Life Crushed

Chris Snow’s extraordinary journey was tragically cut short. He fell into cardiac arrest after becoming unconscious, leaving behind a significant legacy of tenacity and advocacy. His wife, Kelsie Snow, a talented writer, chronicled their family’s adventures on her blog and podcast.

Together, Chris and Kelsie became ALS champions, raising money for research into treatments and potential cures. They hoped their efforts would motivate others to fund research that would eventually help ALS patients.

Chris Snow’s life exemplified the strength of endurance, hope, and the enduring light he leaves behind for his children and countless others.

The Next Step

“The only way out of the dark parts of life,” Chris once said, “is through them.” His voyage through the darkness paved the way for those coming after him.

His legacy is a beacon of hope, a reminder that the human spirit can shine brilliantly even in the face of unfathomable odds.

Chris Snow reminded us that in the face of life’s biggest adversities, optimism and resilience are the most powerful tools we have. His tale continues to inspire, providing a ray of hope in the darkest of times.

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