What happened to Chris MrBeast?

In the dynamic world of online fame and stunning liberality, the name “MrBeast” has become inseparable from viral magnanimity and challenges.

However, behind the scenes of MrBeast’s entrancing YouTube domain, a mysterious enigma looms large – the absence of Chris. 

Once an integral part of the charismatic YouTuber’s journey, Chris’ conspicuous absence has left fans speculating and pondering: What happened to Chris MrBeast?

In this article, we unravel the mysteries, murmurs, and reality behind the enigmatic departure of the one who stood beside MrBeast during the ascent to popularity.

Who is Chris from Mr Beast?

Chris Tyson, an American YouTube personality, achieved fame and recognition as the co-host of the MrBeast YouTube channel.

Welcomed to the world on July 1, 1996, he hails from North Carolina, where he made a lifelong friendship with Jimmy Donaldson, the viral sensation commonly known as MrBeast.

The MrBeast YouTube channel, which was begun in 2012, is commonly known for its viral challenges and daring stunts, acquiring its place as one of YouTube’s most renowned channels.

Tyson made his debut in MrBeast’s videos in 2015 as an important member of the group liable for organizing MrBeast significantly more extravagantly stunts, remembering airborne experiences on different airplanes.

What happened to Chris Tyson from MrBeast?

Chris Tyson, the YouTube personality popular for their appearances alongside MrBeast, revealed that they’ve initiated hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

What happened to Chris MrBeast
What happened to Chris MrBeast?

In April 2023, the 26-year-old, who is perceived by “any pronouns” according to their Twitter profile, shared that they began HRT medications about two months earlier.

As per information from the Cleveland Clinic, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a cycle that assists gender-nonconforming individuals with achieving a more traditional masculine or feminine physical appearance.

Tyson expressed that informed consent HRT had saved their and others’ lives, underlining the challenges faced by gender-nonconforming individuals in getting life-saving gender-affirming clinical benefits in a first-world country. They upheld permitting people to settle on informed conclusions about their bodies.

After Tyson’s announcement, MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, showed his support through a tweet, communicating, “I’m here for you.”

Mr Beast also revealed in one of the Youtube videos about what happened to Chris Tyson.

On July 30th, 2023, Chris Tyson posted a picture on their Twitter profile captioning “6 months on HRT.”

Chris announced their Bisexuality in 2020

In 2020, Tyson unveiled on social media that they had identified as bisexual. They proceeded to explain that they had made a past endeavor to come out when they were 16, yet they had confronted significant negative responses from both friends and family.

During that period, Tyson conveyed in a Twitter post that individuals should comprehend that on the off chance that those in their nearby circle didn’t extend love and backing, they could constantly seek support from Tyson and their community. 

Is Chris Tyson still with MrBeast?

Yes, Chris Tyson is still with MrBeast’s group. However, Chris Tyson’s ongoing spotlight on hormone replacement therapy has prompted a diminished presence on different social media platforms and in MrBeast’s video content.

While MrBeast has recently expressed his commitment to maintaining his friendship with Chris, there have been appalling instances of transphobic and toxic messages showing up on his channel.

Chris reposted a tweet of MrBeast expressing his friendship with Chris and pointing out that things were fine. 

These incidents have brought up issues about Chris Tyson’s continued involvement in the project. A few months earlier, Chris returned to address bits of hearsay about leaving the Beast Gang.

They shared that they were on a journey with their child, Tucker, explaining their ongoing whereabouts.

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