What Happened to Chase on Fixer to Fabulous?Reasons Behind His Departure

Chase Looney is a famous American carpenter known for his master finish and a former firefighter under the Bentonville Fire Department.

He mainly works as a carpenter and a construction manager on the well-known HGTV Fixer to Fabulous. He is also known as the founder of Chisel and Sawdust.

Where is Chase Now?

Chase Looney has gone through massive changes since he started working with HGTV Fixer to Fabulous channel. He has shaped himself both professionally and personally.

He is very concerned about his business and is a great, loving father to his children. They had mutually agreed to divorce with no hard feelings, which made it easier for all of them to stay.

He has shown a strong and deep love for his career in the construction industry by showing off his greatness in this craft. He is truly very talented.

He has shown a great level of dedication and hard work in his current role as a construction manager.

What Happened to Chase on Fixer to Fabulous?

He has been through an eye injury. The eye injury was from a fireworks accident. It left him without an eye. He hasn’t lost the patience and enthusiasm he had for building and woodworking.

He is a great father, as even after his divorce, he is indulging in parenting activities for his children. He shares some moments of him with his kids on social media.

The outcome of this firecracker accident was that he injured his eye completely. Although he was given treatment immediately after the accident, the surgery did not go well, and now he has lost his eye. It has been exceptionally tough for him.

What Happened to Chase on Fixer to Fabulous
Chase Looney

Now, he has continued with his talents and things he loves, mainly carpentry, despite not being featured in network programs frequently.

His Instagram profile sheds light on the challenges he has faced both in his personal and professional life.

Is Chase still on Fixer to Fabulous?

No, Chase Looney isn’t working with Fixer to Fabulous right now. He is at present occupied with parenting his children and seeking after his side interests.

He wanted this huge break, which has now made him an extraordinary dad. He frequently invests energy in his children.

He is extremely content with his children and doesn’t lament not chipping away at the program.

He published a blog entry on April 14, 2021. In that blog entry, he makes reference to the fact that he has finished his pristine carpentry shop.

His most recent blog entry is the one that he distributed on December 28, 2022. In that blog entry, there was a reaction to an extremely lovely walnut table that was spilling over. He has not posted any sites from that point forward.

He has posted an image of him and his two children, with the caption saying that his life is only for them. He says that kids will continuously be his need, come what may.

They are the main thing he can be completely dedicated to right now and he adores his children more than anything. He feels that he is the most fortunate man on the planet, having his children close by.

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