What happened to Chase on Fixer to Fabulous? From Carpenter to Firefighter Amidst Personal Challenges

Few tales in the realm of house remodeling and makeovers have the same profound impact as that of Chase Looney, the master carpenter and construction manager who won viewers over on HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous.

Chase had an early apprenticeship in carpentry at the age of 14, and following a life-altering event during the filming of the show’s pilot episode, his journey took an unexpected turn. In 2009, he joined the Bentonville Fire Department.

Who is Chase Looney On Fixer to Fabulous?

Construction manager and master carpenter Chase Looney is well-known. He became well-known after making an appearance on Fixer Upper on HGTV.

At the age of 14, Chase started his apprenticeship in carpentry. At the age of twenty, Chase mastered the trade of carpentry, and in 2009, he decided to enlist in the Bentonville Fire Department. In 2012, he got to know Dave Marrs and Jenny.

In 2019, he joined Fixer to Fabulous. He said on his blog that his family is the center of his existence.

What happened to Chase on Fixer to Fabulous?

Chase sustained very serious eye damage in an accident that occurred one week after the pilot episode was filmed.

A tube of fireworks exploded in his face while he was assembling a Fourth of July fireworks show.

After being taken to the hospital, the proprietor of the Chisel and Sawdust shop had an eight-hour surgery before hearing some heartbreaking news.

Chase Looney’s injury in Fixer to Fabulous.
Chase Looney’s injury in Fixer to Fabulous.

I was informed that I had lost my eye during the next few days in the hospital. that it needed to be taken out.

That the scarring would be permanent and that I might not be able to move the left side of my face, he previously wrote on a blog.

Throughout his recuperation, Dave and Jenny frequently visited him in the hospital, remaining by his side.

“I informed them that I no longer thought I had the face for TV. They reminded me via laughter and tears that I never had a face for TV in the first place,” he stated.

Chase wore an eye patch when he returned to Fixer to Fabulous following his accident. He built unique furniture items and helped his friends realize their ideals for their homes as he helped them with various restoration projects.

His most recent episode on the show was at the beginning of season 4 in November 2022, according to IMDb, which begs the issue of whether he will continue to appear on HGTV.

Where Is Fixer To Fabulous Filmed?

In 2004, Dave and Jenny relocated to the busy metropolis to spend a few years there. They learned that the city boasts a thriving community and lots of options for individuals who are concerned about preserving historically significant structures that are set to be demolished.

Dave and Jenny gained rapid notoriety for their nearly miraculous capacity to turn properties with significant structural damage into enthrallingly gorgeous residences. Imagine a 1903 farmhouse that was formerly situated on Central Avenue.

If not for the pair, the building—which was gradually but surely degrading into a run-down state—would have been destroyed.

Dave decided to move the ancient building to a property he and Jenny owned rather than demolish it. But their love for Bentonville, Arkansas, goes far beyond the demanding realm of job assignments.

Dave claims that at first, he and Jenny were apprehensive about taking part in the Fixer to Fabulous movie because they thought it would badly depict their favorite city.

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