What happened to Charleston White? When did he appear on Cam Newton’s show?

Charleston White is known for sharing stories of his criminal past on social media. His online presence has earned a mixed reception from web users.

His remarks on the passing of rapper DMX, Nipsey Hussle, King Von, and George Floyd were some of the things that caused him the most controversy.

Along with this, he gained notoriety for his Instagram teasing feud with Soulja Boy.

Charleston was convicted of a crime and served time in prison, but he overcame it to become a motivational speaker and is now “a pillar in his community as well as active in my church.”

He is the CEO and founder of Helping Young People Excel (HYPE), a group that works to prevent youth from becoming criminals by educating them.

In the town of Fort Worth, the group has even worked closely with members of one of the biggest Hispanic gangs in Texas.

What happened to Charleston White
Charleston White

“My story gives hope to those who have lost it,” he remarked. It demonstrates to victims and their families that even the most evil people are capable of turning their life around and improving society.”

When did he appear and what did he say on Cam Newton’s show?

Charleston White made an appearance on Cam Newton’s Funky Friday Podcast on Saturday, December 1, 2023.

The former NFL player’s podcast series is aimed at “facilitating a dialogue ranging from lifestyle talk, relationships, and workplace habits, to the latest in pop culture and entertainment news,” as stated on his YouTube channel.

Every week, a different celebrity guest appears on the podcast. As of December 2, the podcast had received over 861,000 views despite the three-hour duration.

The podcast episode touched on several subjects, such as White’s criminal history, his incarceration, and his journey of self-discovery.

It also touched on some more contentious subjects, such as his disagreement with football coach Deion Sanders.

When Newton asked him to “stop” and to say, “I ain’t going to say f**k Deion,” White responded: “I’m saying it.”

In addition, White stated that he knew former President Donald Trump. He said, I sacrificed a lot for my people only to realize. I don’t like my people.”

Two hours into the show, White declared, “I am willing to die, kill, and go to jail for what comes out of my mouth.

White has amassed nearly 300,000 followers on TikTok and 191,000 followers on Instagram.

Nevertheless, due to a violation of YouTube’s community guidelines, his YouTube account was removed from the platform on December 2, 2023.

What happened to Charleston White?

In a recent conversation, YouTuber Charleston White answered a question about how he would approach a woman like Renner from former NFL player Cam Newton.

“You have to treat her roughly. “You have to be a strong man to manage Brittany Renner,” he remarked, making it clear that by “rough,” he meant that she required mistreatment.

She is one of those people you just have to give the finger to. Give her a firm headshake. In every successful relationship, there must be an ass-kicking at some point.

White described Renner as a renegade freelancer who needs to restructure her approach to men to upgrade from basketball players.

Over the past few months, Renner has been spotted out with Shaquille O’Neal, and the likes of Marlon Wayans and Rick Fox have seemingly attempted to woo her online.

But this past August, when both of the polarizing internet celebrities were guests on “The Danza Project,” White got to experience some of what Renner has to offer when she gave him an impromptu lap dance.

White refrained from touching the reality star, who seemed to be intoxicated while wearing a look of shock and delight on his face. Also during her appearance, Renner went into a rant about the tumultuous relationship between her and her son’s father and made accusations that she used him to get rich and famous.

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