What happened to Chandler Jones? A Rollercoaster of Events for the Raiders

The 2023 NFL season has already seen its fair share of drama, with star pass-rusher Chandler Jones and his difficult relationship with the Las Vegas Raiders being one of the most intriguing tales.

In this article, we will look into the recent events, providing insights into Jones’ status and its impact on the Raiders.

Unusual Absence and Social Media Outbursts

Chandler Jones, a four-time Pro Bowler and two-time All-Pro, drew attention this season when he missed the first two games.

Chandler Jones
Chandler Jones (Source: Instagram)

The initial explanation for his absence was a personal problem, but as additional information emerged, it became evident that something more serious was in the works.

Jones resorted to social media to vent his displeasure, declaring that he no longer wanted to play for the team with whom he signed a three-year, $51 million contract in March of 2020.

What happened to Chandler Jones?

Chandler Jones revealed in a separate social media post that the Raiders had sent a crisis response team to his home, adding fuel to the flames.

The nature and purpose of this visit remained unknown, enabling fans and pundits to speculate about the full scope of the crisis.

What happened to Chandler Jones
What happened to Chandler Jones?

During a press conference on September 8, head coach Josh McDaniels remained tight-lipped on the subject, referring to it as a “personal situation” and “private matter.”

Chandler Jones’s Promising Career

Chandler Jones had a successful NFL career prior to these current occurrences.

He was drafted 21st overall in the 2012 NFL Draft, won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in 2014, led the league in sacks in 2017, and has 112 career sacks, which ties him for 37th all-time.

His on-field abilities have been a valuable asset to any club fortunate enough to have him.

Impact on the Raiders

While the Chandler Jones situation has dominated headlines, the Raiders have been forced to deal with the on-field consequences of his absence.

Las Vegas has struggled through two games this season, ranking 25th in the NFL in scoring, 31st in touchdown passes allowed, 26th in yards-per-carry allowed, 27th in third-down defence, and 22nd in red zone defence.

Jones’ disruptive influence on the pitch is clearly missed, and his absence has left a major vacuum in the defence.

Uncertainty of the Future

The future remains uncertain as the Chandler Jones situation plays out.

Will he return to the Raiders to finish out the rest of his contract? Will the team instead consider trades to address the situation? These concerns loom large over the franchise, and fans eagerly await any developments that may shed light on Jones’ future in Las Vegas.

Raiders’ Upcoming Challenges

On the horizon for the Raiders is a crucial game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both teams enter the game with a 1-1 record and are looking to establish themselves as contenders in the highly competitive AFC.

Despite slow starts, the Steelers are on the rise, thanks to defensive touchdowns from Alex Highsmith and T.J. Watt.

As the Raiders try to shore up their defensive weaknesses, Chandler Jones’ absence could play a significant role in this game.


The Chandler Jones adventure has charmed the NFL world with its blend of secret, social media drama, and on-field outcomes.

The situation will stay one of the most compelling stories of the 2023 NFL season as it develops.

The result of this discussion will in all likelihood have long haul suggestions for both Chandler Jones and the Las Vegas Raiders, so fans will see the way it works out in the next few long stretches of time.

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