What happened to Cam Akers? Cam Akers’ Inactivity in Rams vs. 49ers Game

In a surprising turn of events, Cam Akers, the running back for the Los Angeles Rams, found himself inactive for Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers.

This development marked the latest chapter in a complex saga that dates back to the previous season and was characterized by disagreements and uncertainties about Akers’ role within the team.

Although fans have been wondering what happened to Cam Akers and are still seeking answers, to find out the answers, delve into the article.

Week 1 Start and Performance

Akers kicked off the current season by starting in the opening game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Cam Akers
Cam Akers (Source: Instagram)

Despite the anticipation surrounding his role, he gained only 27 yards and scored a touchdown on 22 carries in the Rams’ 30-13 victory.

This performance left questions about Akers’ effectiveness and prompted discussions about his place on the team.

The Emergence of Kyren Williams

During Akers’ absence and subsequent struggles, second-year pro Kyren Williams emerged as a notable contributor.

In the same game where Akers’ performance was under scrutiny, Williams rushed for 52 yards and impressively scored two touchdowns on 15 carries.

This highlighted the depth of talent in the Rams’ backfield and raised questions about Akers’ role moving forward.

What happened to Cam Akers?

Cam Akers temporarily departed due to disagreements. Cam Akers, a fourth-year pro, faced an unexpected exile during the previous season under the leadership of coach Sean McVay.

Disagreements concerning Akers’ role within the team led to his temporary departure. The Rams even attempted to trade him during this period.

What happened to Cam Akers
What happened to Cam Akers?

However, Akers eventually returned to the team and finished the season on a strong note, impressively surpassing 100 yards rushing in each of the last three games.

Offensive Coordinator’s Perspective

When questioned about what Cam Akers needed to do to maximize his opportunities, offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur emphasized the importance of a collective effort.

LaFleur stressed that success in the rushing attack required the entire offense, all 11 players, to perform effectively. He refrained from singling out individual players and instead emphasized collective responsibility.

Akers’ Career Journey

Cam Akers, a second-round draft pick in 2020, has had a critical career with the Rams. He has scrambled for a total of 1,443 yards and recorded 10 scores.

In the 2021 season, Akers made an exceptional return from an Achilles injury sustained prior to training camp. He returned to play in the season finale and added to the group’s excursion to Super Bowl LVI.

Contract Status and Future Uncertainty

Akers’ agreement circumstance further entangles the continuous account. He is set to turn into a confined-field specialist toward the end of the season, adding a layer of vulnerability to his future with the Rams.

The inquiry that looms is whether the group plans to hold him past the ebb and flow season.

Akers’ Perspective

During the offseason, Cam Akers expressed trust in his remaining with mentor Sean McVay, expressing that he believed he was in a decent spot.

At the point when he had some information about the occasions of the 2022 season and whether he had examined them with McVay, Akers remained to some degree mysterious, recognizing that they had talked yet selecting to continue on from the past.

He conveyed that their relationship was subject to certain conditions, according to his viewpoint.

The Cam Akers Saga Continues

The most recent advancement in Cam Akers’ inactivity in the Rams versus 49ers game adds another layer of intricacy to his professional adventure.

Disagreements, transitory exile, and arising abilities inside the group have all added to the advancing story encompassing Akers.

As long as his agreement status remains dubious, whether or not he will keep on being a piece of the Rams’ future remains unanswered.

The following parts of this adventure will without a doubt be thoroughly checked by fans and football devotees alike.

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