What happened to Cable McCory on Bull? Cable McCory Is Not Coming Back

Bull has never been the grimmest and most realistic small-screen procedural, but the show’s shocking conclusion in the third episode dealt a serious blow to the group.

Superhacker Cable was nowhere to be seen for much of the episode, and her whereabouts were mysterious.

Actress Annabella Attanasio played the role for two seasons, but it was announced early this year that she would not be coming back. As a result, the resident hacker was quickly eliminated in the first episode.

Why did Bull lose out on Annabelle Attanasio? Throughout the first two seasons of the popular CBS sitcom, the actress portrayed Cable McRory, the resident computer whiz.

Cable McCory
The Cause of Cable McCrory’s Death in Bull

Fans were horrified by her horrible demise in Season 3, and many of them questioned why Cable died off-screen. All of it stemmed from Annabelle’s desire to quit the program.

What happened to Cable on Bull?

Ellen McCrory, Cable’s mother, has grown in importance on Bull following Cable’s passing. Cable, played by Annabelle Attanasio, perished in a bridge tragedy during the Bull season premiere.

Below thirty feet of water, police divers discovered her body. Viewers had to endure a difficult episode as her death was gradually disclosed.

Jill Hennessy’s character, Ellen McCrory, was brought into the cast following her passing and is already proving to be a fantastic addition to the Michael Weatherly-led program.

Annabella Attanasio
Annabella Attanasio

Additionally, Mackenzie Meehan was recently added to the main roster in the role of Taylor Rentzel, a cyber-savvy acquaintance of Bull’s legal team, to fill in for Cable.

Reports state that Attanasio left “Bull” before the third season to explore a little shift in his professional path. Attanasio chose to work behind the scenes on her upcoming film rather than accepting a new position in front of the camera.

Will Annabelle Attanasio return to ‘Bull’?

Even though Annabelle departed Bull in 2018, a lot of viewers are still angry over how Cable was eliminated from the program.

Is it possible that Annabelle will come back? Fans would probably be ecstatic to see Cable return, but Annabelle has never shown a desire to do so.

In any case, it’s generally wise to exclude Cable. Cable was killed off three seasons ago, so any kind of comeback would require a convincing and valuable justification.

On her Instagram profile, Annabelle also shared information on a recent project she is working on. A source claims that Annabelle is executive producing, writing, and directing the next HBO Max series The Players Table.

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