What happened to Brian Kilmeade? Where is Brian Kilmeade going after leaving Fox and Friends? Why is he not on the show?

Brian Kilmeade is a well-known television and radio host who primarily appears on the Fox News Channel. Kilmeade has co-hosted the morning show Fox & Friends since 1998. He is also a co-host on Fox News Radio’s The Brian Kilmeade Show.

Furthermore, Kilmeade is known for his conservative political views and frequently comments on current events and politics from that standpoint.

Kilmeade has written several books, including The Games Do Count: America’s Top and Brightest on the Power of Sports.

Brian’s absence from Fox and Friends has gotten a lot of attention in recent days, which has left everyone concerned. Additionally, he has authored or co-authored non-fiction and fiction books.

What happened to Brian Kilmeade?

Brian Kilmeade has not appeared on Fox & Friends in several days, which has sparked speculation on the internet. As a result, Fox & Friends viewers have raised questions about the situation. It is unclear where Brian has gone.

What happened to Brian Kilmeade
The absence of Brian Kilmeade from ‘Fox and Friends’ sparks speculation

However, it is possible that he has taken a break and may return to the show soon. Some have even speculated that Kilmeade might be on vacation.

Nothing is guaranteed at the time of this posting. Aside from that, Brian is active on Twitter and Instagram but has not posted in quite some time.

Aside from that, Kilmeade can be followed on Facebook, where he regularly shares Fox & Friends videos.

Brian Kilmeade’s Net Worth In 2024

Brian Kilmeade
Brian Kilmeade

As of 2024, Brian Kilmeade has an impressive net worth of $12 million, thanks to his long-term career in the broadcasting field. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Brian’s annual salary at FOX News is $4 million.

Kilmeade began his career with Channel One News, a daily national television news program for high schools. He worked there as a correspondent.

Where Is Brian Kilmeade going after leaving Fox and Friends?

As previously stated, Brian Kilmeade’s absence from Fox and Friends has captured everyone’s attention, and they want to know where he is. When people noticed Brian’s absence from the show, they asked where he was going.

Aside from that, Kilmeade has previously been involved in similar rumors.

Brian has previously been brought into the spotlight after being absent from the show for an extended period.

Brian’s whereabouts are currently unknown. Meanwhile, Kilmeade has not posted anything about this on his social media accounts.

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