What happened to Breena on NCIS? The Heart-Wrenching Turn of Fates

Breena Palmer is a mortician and the wife of Medical Examiner James Palmer from the television series NCIS. Extending their love affair to Breena’s untimely demise in Season 18, Episode 7, left fans in shock.

The article digs into the emotional fallout and how the plot attempted to increase public awareness of the virus’s effects.

Who is Breena?

James Palmer, the NCIS Medical Examiner, was married to Breena Palmer, a mortician. She was also Victoria Elizabeth Palmer’s mother, the elder sister of Stevie Slater, and the daughter of Ed Slater.

From May 2012 until her death in late December 2020, Breena was married to James Palmer.

What happened to Breena on NCIS
Breena Palmer’s death deeply impacted NCIS.

About NCIS

Many people have fallen in love with NCIS because of its captivating characters and surprising plots. The idea of the series, as previously reported, follows the Washington, D.C., major case response team, led by Leroy Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, as they investigate numerous cases.

Fans were enthralled with Dr. Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) when NCIS made its network premiere in 2003 because of his humor and sincere, upbeat approach to every circumstance.

Before joining the team as the new medical examiner when Donald “Ducky” Mallard retired, Palmer served as a small-time assistant to Mallard in the first season of the show.

Many people have watched Palmer’s personal and professional life change over the years as he became a father and a husband.

During the seventh season of NCIS, Palmer’s romance with mortician Breena Palmer (Michelle Pierce) commenced.

The two met at work and instantly clicked due to their shared interest in medical research.

In the end, the pair would tie the knot and welcome a daughter, Victoria Palmer, during the 12th season of the show.

But in a bizarre turn of events, Palmer’s world would implode following the untimely death of his wife, Breena.

What happened to Breena on NCIS?

Palmer informed his coworkers on season 18, episode 7, which aired in 2021, that his wife Breena had passed away from Covid-19.

Even though Breena’s passing was not made evident on film, Palmer said he and his family were trying their best to cope with the sad incident.

On NCIS, entertainer Brian Dietzen, who depicts Palmer, shared a few insights concerning how he found out about Breena’s passing.

As indicated by Dietzen, the distribution was educated at the time that the producers meant to bring issues to light about coronavirus by demonstrating the way that hindering the virus can be to one’s well-being by having a person have it and afterward, unfortunately, die from it.

However, the makers thought of an alternate plan and ran it past Dietzen since they didn’t believe a notable cast member should meet an inconvenient end.

That turning point came in season 18, episode 7, when Palmer was tested by Leroy Gibbs (Imprint Harmon), and they had an emotional discussion about his troubles following the demise of his significant other.

The couple’s last moments together and Palmer’s letter to Breena, which she unfortunately never got, were among the points talked about all through the discussion.

In that same episode, Palmer began the healing process by reading the letter out loud to his coworkers.

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