What happened to Brad on Hells Kitchen?

One of the famous American television shows is “Hell’s Kitchen”. There is the famous presenter, Gordon Ramsay, as a fiery celebrity chef. Each season, many aspiring chefs compete for the lead chef position at a top-class institution.

It is a well-known show for a very tough and pressurized atmosphere in which the contestants meet many complex challenges and are usually strongly criticized by Chef Ramsay.

The contestants get eliminated as the season goes by, and in the end, the last chef standing bags home with a top prize that usually comes with a permanent job at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants.

Brad From Hell’s Kitchen

In Hell’s Kitchen’s 22nd season, 18 chefs arrived, and Ramsay announced the coveted prize: becoming the Head Chef at Caesars Las Vegas with a $250,000 salary. The Signature Dish Challenge began with Brad trying to lighten the mood through singing, but Jason found it annoying.

Brad presented a veal cutlet, earning four points for the blue team, though they lost the challenge. During dinner service, Brad and Tad struggled at the meat station, causing errors and arguments.

The blue team got kicked out of the kitchen, leading to their joint loss. Brad survived elimination but was challenged to prove his passion for cooking and the American Dream.

What happened to Brad on Hells Kitchen?

Brad left the Hell’s Kitchen because his body was “failing him.” He reportedly joined the shows for the first time while he was healing from surgery, but it appears that his recuperation took a different turn, making it impossible for him to continue with the show.

Despite this, the cause of Brad’s departure would probably be related to a medical condition whose precise nature has never been disclosed.

What happened to Brad in Hell kitchen
Brad Delgado

Some viewers at home found his exit clips weird. One person penned this on Reddit after watching the episode; “all I could think about was that extraordinary editing as Brad left.”

It’s almost like “he asked them not to mention that surgery in their conversation! Very unusual, man., Really strange and almost insane”.

Other critics noticed that despite Brad’s alleged agony, he had not sought help in the medical tent and appeared cheerful while saying goodbye. Another Redditor commented that whatever bad thing happened in the show probably got covered up.

Viewers want him back!

Whenever having to exit Hell’s Kitchen comes due to factors not caused by the contestants, the individual contestants are usually allowed participation in the following season.

This would have probably depended on what had caused Brad to leave abruptly.

Brad might not have been a strong enough competitor to be permitted to make a comeback, according to some suggestions. It’s difficult to dispute that Brad’s tenure in Hell’s Kitchen was shortened.

We might never know for sure what happened, and it’s possible that the editing isn’t hiding anything.

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