What happened to Boyinaband? The serious allegations faced by the YouTuber

David Paul Brown, also known by his fans as Boyinaband, is a multi-talented individual who identifies as a YouTuber, musician, singer, and rapper.

He has worked with numerous well-known members of the YouTube community, such as PewDiePie, TheOdd1sOut, Dan Bull, and many more.

His music

A large number of the songs he has published for his fans and supporters, including techno, hip-hop, and heavy metal, were delivered and made by him.

He was associated with instrumentalism and DJing when he was working in the industry.

Eventually, his YouTube channel evolved into a regular occupation for him with a wide range of content, including dramas, illustrations, surveys, and numerous other fascinating things. Everything began as a method for promoting his band.

He published the song Spectrum in support of the LGBTQ+ business community. He also made a diss track called Congratulations in collaboration with PewDiePie and RoomieOfficial that called out the Indian caste system and was full of sarcasm and comments on previous T-Series incidents.

This song was released when T-Series had more subscribers overall than PewDiePie, and it ultimately peaked at number one on the Billboard Comedy Digital Track Sales Chart.

Boyinaband finally succeeded in getting himself into a bigger issue when his prior songs and videos either were blatantly outrageous or absolutely normal.

What happened to Boyinaband?

Since sometime in December 2019, the YouTuber has not been active in the community and has not published any videos.

What happened to Boyinaband
What happened to Boyinaband?

A number of girls, who appear to be his ex-girlfriends, have accused him of grooming, hebephilia, sexual coercion, emotional and physical abuse, and drug use.

These are only unproven claims the girls made in September 2022; Boyinaband, a YouTuber, has not addressed them either.

His alleged grooming of his younger subscribers swiftly gained notoriety, and several women who claimed to have had previous relationships with him revealed that he frequently pestered them for cash.

The accusations over the singer

The girls accused him of taking advantage of them financially. They revealed to the public that he was dating a fan who was just seventeen years old at a time when he was already twenty-three.

In a letter that was delivered to the Brown family and posted on Boyinaband’s Reddit page, all of these accusations were briefly mentioned.

The girls, who remained anonymous, claimed they preferred to handle the complicated situation alone but were left with no other option.

They made the letter public to obtain justice and encourage other victims of silence to speak up.

The letter continued by charging Brown’s family with allegedly allowing Brown to abuse and control young people.

It said that he coerced them into doing anything he desired and that he fired them and hired a replacement when they objected.

The letter also discussed his purported unhealthy addiction to porn and his enjoyment of young ladies disguising themselves as children.

To be with other young females, it was also said that he made young girls slender, thin, and amenable to being in an open relationship.


Even though we were only ever given the perspective of these ex-girlfriends and never heard from the man of the hour himself, it seems odd that the letter was abruptly removed in October.

The letter was taken down from the website without explanation, and the internet appeared to move on.

Many people also found it odd that although the letter was disseminated to identify more victims, none did.

Brown did not reply to the charges either, leading some people to consider the possibility that they were untrue. However, there hasn’t been much of an update. Thus, the problem is still unresolved.

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