What happened to Boyinaband? Allegations and Online Absence Since 2019

David Paul Brown, a British musician and YouTuber went by the moniker Boyinaband and became well-known for his humorous and musical content.

However, he was the target of grave accusations of hebephilia and mental abuse in 2022, coming from a number of anonymous sources.

Since then, Boyinaband has stopped using social media, and it is unknown what his present legal and personal circumstances are.

Who is Boyinaband?

David Paul Brown, better known as Boyinaband, is a British musician and YouTube sensation. He gained popularity for both his music and his humorous videos on his own YouTube channel.

David was born in 1987 in Telford, England. He had a lifelong love of music and picked up the guitar at the age of fifteen. After enrolling in college to study law, he dropped out after a year to concentrate on his musical career.

In addition to his music, David creates entertaining vlogs about his life on YouTube and educational films about a range of topics, such as science and psychology.

He has worked with well-known YouTubers, including Jacksepticeye and PewDiePie.

David Paul Brown
Boyinaband faces allegations and controversies and remains inactive.

What happened to Boyinaband?

David faced severe charges in 2022, including mental abuse of women and hebephilia. Five women in all, who wished to stay anonymous, came out against him, according to We Got This Covered.

None of the accusations have received a response from the originator. He hasn’t actually uploaded anything on YouTube since 2019.

In addition, he hasn’t posted anything on Instagram since the allegations were made public; nonetheless, he still has over 200,000 followers on the platform.

It is unknown if he is the focus of a pending legal dispute. If so, that may be why he has not been active on the internet lately. But he was also involved in another controversy.

Boyinaband has Experienced Mental Health Issues

David has been open about his struggles with mental health, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. He made hints in a 2020 fan letter that suggested he may have battled depression.

“I’m attempting to raise my expectations for myself. That hope came easily in the first month of the 10 mg meds, he posted on YouTube.

Perhaps part of my depression has been denying myself anticipation of happiness (I used to stop myself if I noticed I was getting excited about something ‘prematurely’).

In the same post, he asked his followers if they thought he had to take his prescription medication at the prescribed dosage.

He assured his supporters that he had taken the recommended dosage after his terrifying statement prompted terrified responses.

There haven’t been any updates about the most recent accusations made against him since 2022. Furthermore, it’s unclear how he’s doing right now because no admirers have posted pictures of them seeing him in public.

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