What happened to Bob Ross?

The fascinating life and impact of Bob Ross, the well-liked painter. Explore his marriages, his fight with cancer, and the tense aftermath with his business partners from his modest upbringing to his tragic death.

Find out where his spouses are and how his renowned work has affected society for years to come.

Who is Bob Ross?

Bob Ross was reared in Orlando, Florida, after being born in Daytona Beach, Florida, on October 29, 1942. Ollie Ross, a waitress, and Jack, a carpenter, are his parents.

He expected to die young even though he had smoked cigarettes for the majority of his adult life and had several health issues. He eventually died in Orlando, Florida, on July 4, 1995, at the age of 52, from complications resulting from cancer.

The current whereabouts of Bob Ross’ spouses pique the curiosity of a large number of fans. Bob Ross was a well-liked painter, art teacher, and TV broadcaster whose many talents won over millions of fans.

During his life, he was married to three times. Examine the marriages of the late Bob Ross in more detail to see how they affected his life and career.

What happened to Bob Ross
Bob Ross, Life and Legacy

What happened to Bob Ross?

On July 4, 1995, in Orlando, Florida, Bob Ross passed away at the age of 52 from complications resulting from cancer.

Bob Ross, the television artist, is commemorated with a plaque at Woodlawn Memorial Park in Gotha, Florida, where his remains are buried.

Ross concealed his diagnosis from the wider public. Only after his passing did the outer world become aware of his malignancy.

By the conditions of Bob Ross Inc.’s incorporation, each partner’s shares would be distributed evenly among them upon their death.

The Kowalskis became the exclusive owners of the business following the passing of both Ross and his second wife, who was also a partner in the business.

Bob Ross
Bob Ross

For the most part, the Kowalskis were primarily interested in purchasing painting supplies under Ross’s name.

They allegedly tried to coerce a sick Ross into signing over rights to his estate before his death by acting in a very hostile manner toward his family and acquaintances.

Rather, Ross left his assets and the rights to his name and likeness to his son Steve and his half-brother Jimmie Cox, and he wrote the Kowalskis out of his will. throughout the response, the Kowalskis argued that Ross had no right to leave them as almost everything he had done throughout his lifetime had been done for hire.

In the end, the lawsuit was won by the Kowalskis.

What happened to Bob Ross’ wives?

Vivian has moved on. Orlando, Florida is her home. In August 1992, Bob’s second wife Jane passed away in Florida from cancer, just three years before Bob’s death.

She was 50 years old at the time. It is unknown where Bob Ross’s third wife is.

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