What Happened To Bob Menery? Digging The Reason Behind His Sudden Exit From The Full Send Podcast

Bob Menery, a well-known figure on social media and co-host of the hit podcast  “Full Send” has lately made headlines because of his departure from the podcast.

Menery, who is well-known for his captivating personality and viral videos, amassed a sizable fan base in the golfing world prior to collaborating with the Nelk Boys to establish the lucrative “Full Send” podcast empire.

In an interview with “Ripper Magoos,” Menery’s new podcast, he gave his side of the tale about leaving “Full Send.”

His words suggested a less than amicable separation, even though he did not expressly disclose whether he was dismissed or decided to leave of his own volition.

What happened to Bob Menery?

Menery left the “Full Send” podcast following a brawl with the Nelk Boys. Menery stated that he thought he was instrumental in the development of the “Full Send” podcast, but that he ultimately felt used by his former co-hosts.

He made hints that he had proof to back up his assertions that he was utilised up until the point at which he was considered unnecessary.

What Happened To Bob Menery
Bob Menery

Menery emphasised his dedication to transparency by telling his supporters that he would address the matter in a future episode, even though he didn’t go into specifics during the interview.

Menery started his own podcast, “Ripper Magoos,” after leaving “Full Send.” Notable guests on the show include included rapper Bobby Shmurda, NFL athlete Antonio Brown, NBA trainer Chris Brickley, and former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill.

Menery’s new business hopes to offer interesting and captivating talks with well-known people from many fields.

The specifics of Menery’s exit from “Full Send” have generated debate. On the other hand, Menery’s previous co-host from Nelk, Kyle, offered an alternative viewpoint, claiming that Menery received a substantial payment for his work on the show.

Kyle claims that Menery was given a generous reward of $1.2 million for 10 months of labour, plus a cut of the revenues of items and advertisements.

In order to refute Menery’s assertion that he was the only one in charge of obtaining well-known attendees, Kyle additionally supplied a guest list.

Social media users have been following the public argument between Menery and his former co-hosts. UFC President Dana White has even spoken in, imploring Menery to stay out of the situation.

Menery apologised on Instagram in an effort to resolve the issue and possibly move on amid the contradictory accounts and back and forth.

Fans and followers are forced to sort through the conflicting narratives and come to their own conclusions as the debate plays out.

What is Bob Menery popular for?

Bob Menery, a well-known social media celebrity and co-host, chose to sever ways with the “Full Send” podcast, which was a momentous occasion.

Menery had built a sizable fan base in the golfing world before he teamed up with the Nelk Boys to build the massively popular Full Send podcast empire. He was well-known for his captivating persona and viral videos.

In an interview for his new podcast, “Ripper Magoos,” Menery hinted at a less-than-friendly split, even though the specific reasons for his leaving are still unknown.

He didn’t say if he left of his own volition or because he was fired, but his comments suggested that he felt taken advantage of by his former co-hosts.

This development has generated debate. This left listeners and admirers curious about Menery’s and the “Full Send” podcast’s future paths.

A sneak peek into the personal life of Bob Menery

Born on August 10, 1987, Bob Menery is an American sportscaster, comedian, and social media star.

Menery, who is originally from Boston, Massachusetts, decided to move to Los Angeles in order to follow his dream of being an actor.

His career took off after he gained worldwide recognition for a video that featured his unique sportscaster-style voice.

Menery has developed a devoted following of people who like his hilarious play-by-play parodies and amusing drive-thru pranks.

Menery caddied at the Wilshire Country Club for five years prior to becoming well-known. While serving, he was afforded the opportunity to transporting players’ baggage, such as Aaron Rodgers.

Nonetheless, Menery’s career as a sports pundit really took off in 2017. On July 10, 2017, his first sports commentary video went viral and received an amazing 135,000 views.

At the moment, he has over 108,000 subscribers on his YouTube account, which confirms his growing popularity.

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