What happened to Blake Griffin? Uncertain NBA Fate

Blake Griffin’s status for the next 2023-24 NBA season is suspenseful, leaving fans and teams alike in suspense. Griffin’s next move, whether it’s returning to the floor or taking a different road, is unknown as the basketball world awaits his decision.

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Blake Griffin: Who is he?

Blake Griffin is a well-known American professional basketball player best recognized for his time in the NBA. As a collegiate basketball star for the Oklahoma Sooners, he was voted national college player of the year during his second season.

Griffin is a devout Christian who has freely addressed his religion, especially at difficult times, expressing his confidence in God’s will for his life; he also has two children with his ex-fiancée Brynn Cameron, the sister of NFL star Jordan Cameron.

What happened to Blake Griffin?

Blake Griffin is not playing in the 2023-24 NBA season. The topic of Blake Griffin comes up in the context of a possible trade involving the Boston Celtics and Jrue Holiday.

What happened to Blake Griffin
What happened to Blake Griffin?

According to John Hollinger’s trade suggestion, the Celtics could acquire Holiday without sacrificing crucial frontcourt players like Al Horford or Robert Williams III.

Instead, the idea includes a package transaction in which the Celtics would be required to match salaries with players like Malcolm Brogdon, Payton Pritchard, Luke Kornet, Sam Hauser, Jordan Walsh, and a signed-and-traded Blake Griffin, making it a six-player trade.

Although this strategy lets the Celtics keep their frontcourt depth, it also means that the Celtics will have to surrender future selections to the Portland Trail Blazers as part of the transaction. 

What are Blake Griffin’s contract options?

Ryan Bernardoni discusses Blake Griffin’s contract options in an Instagram post. He says Blake Griffin may be signed for the 10-year veteran minimum of $3.2 million, or up to 120% of that salary utilizing Non-Bird Rights.

He emphasizes the distinction between this year and next year, adding that Apron2 clubs will be unable to transfer cash in trades beginning next year, although they may do so this year. As a result, the scenario he describes has Griffin signing with one club, presumably the Boston Celtics, and then being moved to another, possibly the Portland Trail Blazers, with the Celtics sending cash as part of the transfer.

This strategy offers you financial flexibility and maneuvering under the salary cap constraints of the NBA.

Here you go for the post where Ryan Bernardoni discusses Blake Griffin’s contract options:

Did Blake Griffin sign the contract with Celtics?

No, Blake Griffin has not signed the contract with the Celtics yet.

Blake Griffin is still a free agent for the 2023-24 NBA season, which might indicate that he will sit out the season. Several elements have a role in this circumstance.

For starters, he is still healing from a back injury incurred during the playoffs the previous season. Second, at 33 years old and with a history of injuries, his durability may be questioned.

Third, Griffin might be holding out for a better deal with a championship-contending club. Nonetheless, considering his talent and the league’s thirst for experienced players, there is a chance he will sign with a team before the season begins.

If he does sign a contract, he will most likely play a limited role off the bench.

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