What Happened To Billy The Exterminator? Uncovering the Truth Of A Reality TV Star

‘Billy The Exterminator’, the reality television series that once captivated audiences with its pest-control adventures, has left fans wondering what happened to its titular star, Billy Bretherton.

The show, which debuted on A&E, was popular until Season 6 when it abruptly vanished from our monitors.

To understand why this happened and uncover the reality behind the show’s unexpected pause, we must first learn about Billy’s mysterious life and the downward spiral it took after season six.

Billy Bretherton’s Childhood and Rise

Let us start from the beginning. Billy Bretherton, born on September 16, 1968, rose to prominence as a television personality.

On the other hand, his road into the area of pest management was unusual. Billy Bretherton, raised by his parents Big Bill and Donnie Bretherton, initially considered a career in law enforcement.

After high school, he opted to join the United States Air Force, which took him to Nellis Air Force Base in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

There, he was exposed to courses such as biology and his future career was mapped out by his studies in entomology.

Following his time in the Air Force, Billy Bretherton became the proprietor of Vexcon Animal and Pest Control, a company that propelled him to prominence.

His brush with celebrity continued when he appeared with Mike Rowe on “Dirty Jobs,” demonstrating his pest control abilities.

Billy the Exterminator in Real Life

“Billy The Exterminator” was mostly about Billy’s job as a pest exterminator. However, Season 6 was a watershed moment in the story, with an unexpected twist.

During this time, viewers noticed family troubles becoming more prominent, intertwined with his company’s activities.

As a result, Billy elected to leave Vexcon and relocate to Illinois, therefore ending the run of the show. But Billy Bretherton did not go unnoticed.

What happened to Billy The Exterminator?

Billy and his wife were allegedly arrested for being found with drugs. Curiosity reigns supreme. So, what happened to Billy after “Billy The Exterminator”? His personal life holds the key.

What Happened To Billy The Exterminator
What Happened To Billy The Exterminator?

Viewers may recall Billy’s wife, Mary Bretherton, appearing on the show. She had several notable appearances, but her time on the show was brief.

Rumours began to circulate that the couple’s relationship had degenerated, possibly leading to Billy’s departure. However, this hypothesis is incorrect.

Billy and Mary are still a couple, and Mary’s choice to leave the show was fully supported by her husband.

However, the story does not finish here. When news of their arrest spread, Billy and Mary Bretherton found themselves at the centre of an internet tempest.

Speculations flew, and the internet was abuzz with their purported run-in with the law. What’s the reason? The couple was allegedly found with drugs, namely marijuana.

They were arrested but were released on bond after only a short time behind bars.

More specifically, the pair was discovered consuming synthetic marijuana at the Louisiana Boardwalk hotel. The origins of these compounds are intriguing.

While marijuana is outlawed in many regions, it was apparently sold in certain unlawful businesses.

The Untold Story of the Show’s Demise

Fans were taken aback by the show’s conclusion, with Billy’s unsolved family troubles hinting at what was going on behind the scenes.

While Billy did not specifically explain the reasons for the show’s cancellation during the episode, the truth ultimately surfaced from the original broadcast.

The family problems that hampered his pest control business were, in reality, related to his and his wife’s incarceration. Their trauma was the unnamed cause of the show’s unexpected cancellation.

Billy Bretherton’s Life Outside of Television

Following the show’s cancellation, Billy Bretherton started on a new digital adventure with his brother. They launched their pest-control series on YouTube, producing content that people enjoyed.

Billy later returned to television with “Billy Goes North,” which aired on CMT in Canada and was viewed by some viewers as the unofficial Season 7 of “Billy The Exterminator.”

Billy Bretherton has since retired from his job as a pest exterminator, but his brother, Ricky, maintains an internet presence.

In terms of personal life, everything looks to be in order between Billy and Mary, dispelling rumours of any strain on their relationship.

The destiny of “Billy The Exterminator” remains unknown. Only time will tell if the ever-changing world of reality television brings back this fan-favorite.

Billy Bretherton’s narrative serves as a reminder of the intricacies that exist beneath the surface in the realm of reality television, where the line between fact and entertainment blurs.

A real-life story evolved amid the drama and pest-ridden experiences, one that continues to intrigue and inspire.

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