What happened to Bill Wixey on Q13 News? Where is he?

Find out what Bill Wixey is trying to say in his moving Facebook post as he says goodbye to a beloved white dress shirt. Explore a thrilling tale of misunderstanding and intrigue as fans wonder why he left Q13 FOX News.

Learn the secret truth behind the deleted statements and Bill’s surreal fate on the morning news program. Join the thrilling trip as Bill’s motives are revealed and the viewer’s attention is kept riveted by the uncertainty of his destiny.

Bill Wixey: Who is he?

Bill Wixey, the host of Good Day Seattle, is an Emmy-winning journalist who has been hosting and covering Seattle since 1998.

Bill was raised close to Seattle. He graduated from the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication at Washington State University as well as Lake Washington High School in Kirkland.

Bill has reported on significant news events across the globe. Immediately following the 2005 tsunami, he reported from South Asia. Additionally, he provided updates on the tragic Haitian earthquake and the Olympic Games in Beijing, Vancouver, and London.

What happened to Bill Wixey on Q13? 

Following Wednesday morning’s report, Bill Wixey posted the declaration on his Facebook page with clear feelings all over.

The anchor of Q13 FOX News This Morning penned, “A moment of silence for ye olde white dress shirt. “Today, I’m officially retiring it after many years and countless broadcast hours. Say goodbye, old shirt. You’ve been an extraordinary assistance to me.”

The post received hundreds of likes and dozens of comments within an hour. Sadly, several people misinterpreted Wixey’s intentions. Some fans were upset as to why he was leaving Q13. Fans got upset and asked many questions like – Why is he retiring?

Many of the incorrect remarks were deleted after other users intervened to correct those who were misled regarding Bill’s destiny.

For the record, Bill Wixey will continue to appear on Q13 FOX News This Morning on Thursday, Friday, and for the foreseeable future.

Is Bill Wixey leaving Q13 news?

No, Bill is not leaving Q13 news. News anchor Bill Wixey can be seen on Q13 FOX News. There are currently no signs that his regularly scheduled appearances on the show from Thursday to Friday will alter any time soon.

There were some inaccurate comments concerning his fate, but other users stepped in to remedy the errors. As of right now, Bill Wixey continues to provide viewers with news and updates during the morning news program.

Bill Wixey: Triumphs and Talents of a Two-Time Emmy Award Winner

Bill is a two-time Emmy Award winner for reporting and anchoring. Bill received an Emmy in 2003 for his excellent job as an anchor.

In addition, he received an Emmy in 2010 for “Bill’s Journey,” a documentary about his triumphant struggle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. 2009’s “Best of Western Washington” competition saw Bill named Western Washington Man of the Year.

What happened to Bill Wixey on Q13 News
What happened to Bill Wixey on Q13 News?

For his 2005 “Mission of Hope” documentary, in which he visited Sri Lanka soon after the catastrophic tsunami to record the relief efforts, Bill won praise. 

Bill had previously worked as a sports reporter and anchor for KIRO-TV in Seattle. Bill worked in Green Bay, Wisconsin, covering two Super Bowls with the Packers.

While playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks in Fort Smith, Arkansas, he covered two Final Fours. In Great Falls, Montana, he began his broadcasting career in 1991.

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Bill Wixey – FAQs

Who is Bill Wixey?

Bill Wixey, the host of Good Day Seattle, is an Emmy-winning journalist who has been hosting and covering Seattle since 1998.

Is Bill Wixey leaving Q13?

No, Bill Wixey is not leaving Q13. He will continue anchoring for the news.

What is the net worth of Bill Wixey?

Bill Wixey estimated net worth is around $5 Million.

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